If you find yourself in a commercial dispute, whether it’s involving bankruptcy, contracts, property or shareholders, you will benefit from the expertise of a business solicitor, They can help you to understand the complexities of your case and then resolve it with minimum impact to your business and reputation.

Commercial disputes cover a wide range of subjects

Disputesarise between businesses, a business and an individual or two individuals. What’s key is the commercial relationship between these parties.

The breadth of commercial relationships means they encompass many aspects of law.Trademark solicitors, business crime solicitors, bankruptcy solicitors, construction solicitors or notary services may all find themselves involved in resolving commercial disputes.

But whether the disputes concern contracts, property, fraud, debt or shareholders, just to give a few examples, the relevant expert will have the knowledge of law at hand to resolve the matter, whether domestic or international.

What can a business solicitor do for you when a dispute arises?

Whatever the commercial dispute to be resolved, commercial litigation solicitors, such as GSC Solicitors use their experience and knowledge of the law to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, using this information to determine the best strategy to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

There are several ways in which a dispute may be resolved, including, arbitration, negotiation or mediation and we will always work to assist our clients to resolve the dispute at as early stage as possible. However, where court proceedings are necessary, we ensure our clients are represented and any enforcement followed up.

It requires strong problem-solving skills to help clients find the right resolution by navigating the complexities of each case within the context of the law.

There is no one solution to suit all commercial disputes but your business solicitor will tailor the approach to take your needs and expectations into account andminimise the disruptive impact to your business.

Are you affected by a commercial dispute?

If you are affected by a commercial dispute matters can escalate quickly if not dealt with.They are a distraction from running your business, cause anxiety and stress and burden you with extra costs. Our commercial litigation and dispute specialists at GSC Solicitors take a practical approach to find outcomes that are best for clients, offering cost effective solutions and supporting them at each stage.

GSC Solicitors

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