Are you on the verge of buying a property recently? Or found your dream home already? Before, you sign the final contract, here is one thing you must do and that is opting for a reliable pre-purchase building inspection specialist.

Most of the people look for location, facilities and overall appearance of the house while choosing a home. But, one thing they often miss out or don't consider as important is the need for building inspection.

There are structural flaws identified in a building structure that usually cannot be found by the buyers in the first check-up. And, that's why they don't even get the upper hand on the price negotiation process too. That means, they cannot bargain about the price if everything is in good shape.

That’s where the pre-purchase building inspectors associated with timber pest inspection in Perth help the buyers. Find out what are the elements highlighted in their report to know what you will probably miss out even in your multiple visits at the property. Read on to find out.

  • Pest Issues will Be Revealed

Did you know that termites can cause $1 billion worth damage across Australia annually as 1 in 3 homes in the country is dealing with an active termite problem in their house? Even, the house with concrete structure also remains at the risk of termite attack.

Same goes with the pests which are not visible at the first look. The building inspectors know how to deal with it efficiently and mention it in their reports to keep you and your family safe.

  • Highlighting the Construction Flaws

Problems in the movement of the footing or a hairline house cracks are considered as a structural deficiency in building construction. The smallest and minute things can cause bigger damage to your home that you may not have expected.

And, the building inspectors are efficient enough to find the structural deficiencies on the very first look. One must know that having a weak construction in the house does not only indicate the problems with the structure but also points out how these small cracks or weak points can make way for pests or termites to enter your house.

  • Drainage Blocks

Plumbing is something nerve-wracking for the house owners. Imagine, you are in a rush, and suddenly the toilet starts overflowing without giving you any such indications. It's quite painful, to be honest.

And, you certainly don’t want to be one of them facing such a problem. So, here is the solution for you. Ask the specialists of building and termite inspections in Perth to check the plumbing issues of the building as well and give the report accordingly.


Remember that it is not only about safety, but you can certainly secure a lot of money in the process of negotiation once the deal starts to proceed. You can calculate the repairing costs that you have to bear later on if the specialists do not give you a detailed report on where to put a focus on. So, before you move forward, call the professional to handover a report enlisting every single flaw about the building.

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The author is associated with timber pest inspection in Perthfor many years now and has successfully handled many projects on building and termite inspections in Perth.