Before you finally decide you buy a house, it’s essential to hire a home inspector to ensure that the structure of the house is devoid of any defects. With the help of a home inspection service, you’ll be able to identify any serious issues with the house before you finally coin the contract. Even though home inspection isn’t a compulsory requirement, it’s a smart part of investing in a new home.

So, if you’re new to the idea of home inspection and want to know more about the process, then the below-mentioned checklist will provide you with all the much-needed you need to learn.

Home Inspection Service Checklist

Not All Home Inspections Are Carried Out In A Similar Fashion

Professional home inspection in Salt Lake City UT states that there will be numerous companies out there providing home inspection services. So, all of the companies will not provide their services in the same manner and there will be obvious differences that you need to accept. That’s why we suggest performing your due research before selecting a competent home inspection service for your needs.

For interiors, home inspectors should look for water leaks, any possible fire hazards, the overall life of the water tank and the health of the house. Inspection of the plumbing and electrical system should also be done. Besides, smoke detectors, home appliances and home ventilation systems must be inspected as well.

For the exterior, home inspectors should be looking for cracks in the foundation and walls, any missing siding, roof damages along with other structural issues.

Always Choose The Home Inspector By Yourself

It may be wise to accept the seller's referral (if provided any) when it comes to choosing a home inspector, but at the end of the heyday, it's your hard-earned money that is being invested, which means that you should take direct control of the matter.

The problem with referrals is that - you’ll never know what kind of home inspection job you can expect. The result can be satisfactory or unsatisfactory, depending on how the home inspection task is carried out.

That's why we always recommend selecting your home inspector by performing your due research. You'll need to interview home inspectors, let them know your preferences and then select the one that fits your bill the most. Ensure that you select a licensed and certified home inspector for your needs because you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're hiring someone qualified for the chore.

And with that last suggestion brings us to the end of our home inspection checklist. We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and if you want to see more reports such as this, let us know.

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