The reality is that the art of celebrating birthdays is a pagan tradition. What this means is that majority of Christians didn’t celebrate birthdays until later in the history. One reason for this is because the majority of them were linking birthdays to paganism. However, in the modern world, there is no prohibition against Christians celebrating their birthdays.

King Herod and Pharaoh Celebrated Their Birthdays

There are two people that the Bible mentions celebrating their birthdays-the Egyptian Pharaoh (Genesis 40:20) and King Herod in Jesus time (Matthew 14:6). Most of the Christians point to this references as a base that celebrating birthdays are wrong. The reason for this is because both the Pharaoh and King Herod were non-believers. This is the reason why most Christians in History thought that celebrating the birthday is wrong.

One thing that most Christians have come to realize is that even the bible doesn’t mention that King Herod and Pharaoh did a wrong thing by celebrating their birthdays. The bible doesn’t discourage or encourage birthday celebrations. This is the reason why the majority of Christians support the art of celebrating birthdays while others think that celebrating the birthday is wrong. The Bible remains neutral on the issue and hence people can come up with their own conclusions.

Remember Paul in his epistle to the Romans when he stated that people have to connect which day is important in their own mind. Some will consider one day very special while others will consider all the days the same. In Roman 14:5-6 Paul stated that he who considers one day important, then he does so to the lord.

From his part, Paul was trying to say that if a believer celebrated their day of birth, then it’s all right. If a non-believer did the same, then there’s nothing of greater concern. ‘’Each of them should be fully convinced in his own mind’’.

The thing that is of greater importance is how a Christian glorifies the lord in his days of greater importance. If a Christian plans a birthday party and all the glory be to God, then there is nothing wrong. The only thing that differs is if the birthday party acts in ways that compromise the teachings of the bible. If you plan to skip your birthday celebrations, then all the time should be occupied with things that glorify the lord.

The Christmas Birthday Party

What about on charismas day? What do Christians celebrate? I bet this is the day we celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Every year Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and that’s why I think there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your own birthday too. Remember those wise men who gave gifts to Jesus Christ? Matthew 2:1, 11 what it means is that they were celebrating the birth of a messiah.

Every Christian of sober mind can deduce that there is so single place where the bible states that celebrating your birthday or sending happy birthday wishes is wrong or where it says celebrating it is right. The Bible remained neutral on it and hence people have to think on the best of their knowledge to know whether they should celebrate or not.

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