A few years ago, when I was doing real estate investing, I could not find an attorney and an accountant who would give me the same advice. The accountant talked from a tax standpoint while the attorney talked from a liability standpoint. When I consulted with these two people, I was still left to figure it out on my own. So what was the point of having a team? This dilemma set me to giving more serious thought about my team of professionals. It has since led me to assisting others in building their own efficient team of professionals.
Let’s take an example. If you had a medical problem and needed surgery would you choose a doctor who handled his practice on a part-time basis? One who had few if any references and no real record of successful surgeries?
While this may sound silly, I often see people choosing their team of professionals in just such a lackadaisical manner. Their accountant may be a family friend. Their real estate agent might be the neighbor down the street who just happened to get his license a few years ago. And on it goes. This results in a team of individuals who would not be considered the most stellar people in their field.
In my role as a RichLife Advisor, I often encourage people to discover and live out their life purpose. It only stands to reason then, that the best team members will be those who are living out their life purpose as well. This makes a great guideline for your choice of a professional.
If you need a lawyer, you will want to work with one whose profession is her passion – it is her life purpose. If you work with an insurance agent, the same thing applies. You want to work with one who for that person, working in insurance industry is their life’s passion.
These are people who are successful. They are at the top of their game. They are living out their purpose on a daily basis. They are sold out on the RichLife concepts and principles. When you work with them, communicate with them, and invest in their services, it will take you a long way down the road toward living out your own life purpose to the fullest. It becomes the best version of the RichLife.
In Part II of this subject we will take a closer look at how important team building is in living your RichLife.

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Founder of RichLife Adviors, Beau focuses his energy on leading clients and other businesses toward defining and living their definition of a “rich life.” As the Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor of Fiduciary Capital in Gainesville, GA, he has helped over 2,000 clients identify their goals in life and achieve financial independence. His expertise on financial planning and RichLife Success principles are featured in multiple publications, the RichLife Show on local radio stations, and monthly training events and seminars. He has worked alongside and trained with some of the most respected business coaches in the nation, including, Jack Canfield, author and CEO of the Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise. His debut book is set to be released September, 2010. Check out Beau along with other RichLife Advisors and upcoming events at www.richlifeadvisors.com.