As a financial advisor I often see people selecting their team of professionals in a lackadaisical manner. For instance, their accountant may be a family friend. Their real estate agent might be the neighbor down the street who just happened to get his license a few years ago. And on it goes. This results in a team of individuals who would not be considered the most stellar people in their field.
If you settle for second-best by surrounding yourself with professionals who do not have your best interest at heart, you could very well be compromising your own life purpose. As you think about your own team of professionals, ask yourself these questions:
• Do your advisors listen and communicate in terms of you moving toward your RichLife?
• Can they repeat back to you the goals, dreams and objectives that are important to you?
• Do you feel they are deeply committed in helping your on this journey?
• Or do your advisors think and operate on a transaction basis. (Meaning you are a ticket to their making a sale with a certain product, or package of products.)
• Do you feel you are working as someone’s transaction model, or someone’s holistic model?
The good news is that professionals who live out the RichLife on a daily basis are those who care about their clients above all. They know that if they do best by their clients, the needed income will follow. We know that professionals must make a living, but the individual who is living her life purpose will operate in a way that leads to the higher good of everyone involved. That’s how you can tell the difference. Once you have surrounded yourself with those kinds of people you will have a much better effect in every area.
Because most entrepreneurs are independent and used to “going it alone,” team-building is an area that is often shoved to the back burner. Little time or attention is spent on developing a quality team. But if you are intent on living the RichLife to the full, you will definitely want to move team building up to the top of your ”to do” list.

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Founder of RichLife Adviors, Beau focuses his energy on leading clients and other businesses toward defining and living their definition of a “rich life.” As the Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor of Fiduciary Capital in Gainesville, GA, he has helped over 2,000 clients identify their goals in life and achieve financial independence. His expertise on financial planning and RichLife Success principles are featured in multiple publications, the RichLife Show on local radio stations, and monthly training events and seminars. He has worked alongside and trained with some of the most respected business coaches in the nation, including, Jack Canfield, author and CEO of the Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise. His debut book is set to be released September, 2010. Check out Beau along with other RichLife Advisors and upcoming events at