Every now and then a new trend comes up in the news and people go gaga over the looks. In the past few years, facelift surgery has reached the common people all over the world and the ideal for physical appearance is reaching new heights with their increasing closeness to the artificial world. Whatever may be the motive, whatever may be the trend, these advancements have been put up forward with changes in the field of surgery and medicine which are making them a true possibility and reachable among the common people. Facelift surgery is one of those treatments which is prepared to to offer a youthful appearance as a result and the skin is likewise tightened. These processes have seen some enhanced with precision with new surgical techniques being added every single day.

With commendable advancements which have been taken up by the best head in the department's of surgery, the types of facelift surgery have been advanced and developed with remarkable expertise. The impression and precision of the developed facelift surgeries have been taken to a new level which has not only incremented their ratios of success rate but also the proximity to desired changes are more close than ever thought before. One of the most used methodology for the recently developed facelift surgeries are one with the laser beams. They are primarily concentrated on the region of the neck and are used as neck-lift procedures. The neck-lift surgeries are performed under the influence of a local anesthesia and to facilitate this process, a one-inch incision is made just right under the chain. In the process, a laser beam is used to insert energy inside the chin for melting the excess fat under the chin so that the neck region is tightened and a young dynamic is added to the face of the client. In medical terms, the use of laser technology for neck-lift is termed as laser neck and jaw liposculpture and resurfacing.

Unlike a neck-lift, a mini-facelift surgery is performed on the lower portion of the face but as an advantage, it offers less invasion. A mini-facelift surgery is started by making an 's' shaped incision in a very small area around the ear which facilitates the reach to the lower part of the face, it tightens the area by removing the present wrinkles and sagging skin. Because a mini-facelift surgery is performed as a less invasive procedure, its merit also acts as a demerit because its impact cannot be registered on the area of the neck.

If the client wants to lift up the appearance of the forehead skin, their frontal hairline can interfere with a specific facelift surgery. In this facelift surgery, small incisions are created on the frontal hairline which is then tightened until the deeper tissues. This helps in providing a lifted appearance to the forehead by removing the drooped look of the forehead. Specifically for eyebrows, facelift surgery is collaborated with endoscopy to lift the brows with making small incisions. This process is facilitated with the procedure of minimal invasion techniques, a small endoscope (special cameras) are used to make incisions which remove the sagged skin by tightening the brows. Unlike all other forms of traditional and modern technologies of facelift surgery, endoscopy provides quickening in the time of recovery and the amount of scarring is less and it is readily healed.

A type of facelift surgery which has been quiet in the news is liposuction. From famous actors to high-status models are it Hollywood or Bollywood, the buzzing news is filled with their recent looks of plumpy lips. Liposuction has become a new favorite and it is sweeping over the common people off their feet. Liposuction is based on providing a plumper appearance to the lips by removing the excessive fat in the face. This is undertaken by removing the focal deposit from the region between the chin and the neck.

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