Owning an exclusive house comes with its benefits, one of them being a large beautiful outdoor space. Luxury houses don’t lack anything, from enormous pools to expensive furniture and beautiful gardens. The garden brings a house to life because it adds a lush feature to the property.

Moving into a luxury house is exciting, but if you are passionate about outdoor spaces, you will find even more exciting to create a luxury garden. You want your outdoor space to look similar to a resort backyard, a place where you can relax while you read your favourite book and drink a glass of wine.

Here is how you can add some curb appeal and personality to your garden, it’s simple as long as you follow some guidelines.


Start with something opulent

Luxury is about lavish things, so you should start with adding an opulent appeal to your garden. And if you are still looking for ideas, then we will help you, you can install a hot tub. You may’ve expected to tell you to plant some wild trees, but the fact is that luxury gardens are about accessories, and a hot tub is the perfect one. After a long day at work, you head home and you soak into the hot tub installed in the back of the house, surrounded by green plants and lavender. It will keep stress away especially if you enjoy a glass of wine, or maybe two. Spa spaces are essential both indoors and outdoors, and if you want to create an exclusive garden, you should make sure that your tub has all the bells and whistles.

All gardens need a focal point

It’s not wise to transform the tub into a focal point, but you can build a garden studio that enhances your creativity. If your job requires being creative, then working in the middle of nature can help you. You should build a wooden studio, it’s eco-friendly and it meets your needs.

Another option is to build an outdoor fire pit to work as the focal point of the garden. It’s relaxing to spend your time outdoors close to fire during summer nights. It’s a great idea to place it in the centre of the seating area, it will look wonderful. Adding accessories to the garden makes it look spectacular. Make sure to install the largest one in the spot you want to transform into a focal point. Wind chimes, figurines, artwork and other similar things are also great choices.

Show your lawn some love

All exclusive homes London based have a common feature they have a perfect lawn. But to bring it in a top-notch condition you need patience. Even if it’s a simple thing to do, it takes time to allow it to grow perfectly and expensive. While for some houses works the grass to look messy, for luxury properties the lawn has to be in its best form.

A great-looking lawn requires edging and spraying, spiking, feeding and mowing to keep it healthy. It’s a lot of work, so if you are a busy person you should hire someone specialised in completing these jobs.

Place some oversized pots around the garden

By adding some oversized potted plants in your garden, you will make it look like a resort backyard. The moment you will bring the plants in the garden, its entire look will change. You should pay extra attention when choosing the pots because their colour should match the colours of the other plants, furniture items and accessories. Selecting the right potted plants can add accents of style to an outdoor space, so you should decide if you want to pick some with greeneries or with small trees.

Install a swing

If you have a patio area close to the garden, you should consider installing a swing because it will add a playful vibe to the entire space. The swing is a great addition to your sitting area because it’s comfortable and it provides a relaxing resort-style look. Make sure you hire a professional to install it because hanging it can be a tricky process. If you place the swing under a tree it will become your favourite spot where to spend summer nights.

Make the garden private with a fence

Fencing your garden is a great idea because it enhances privacy, and it creates the impression of a welcoming space. Wooden fence panels have a luxurious look if they are placed near plants, and they can add a stylish touch to your patio. You can choose the panels in a contrasting colour with the outdoor furniture, it will make the space look more resort-like. You can use fence panels to surround the entire garden or you can create a private oasis.

Before starting your project, you should keep in mind the five principles of constructing a luxury garden: balance, proportion, colour, texture and shape.

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Cynthia Madison