What DO New Agers have in common, if not the New Age Litany previously discussed? (See the blog article here for that previous discussion: http://www.rose-rosetree.com/blog/2010/10/18/the-new-age-litany/ )

Here are 10 points I would like to propose as a commonality among New Agers, unofficial but useful to discuss. For the sake of discussion, I'll go so far as to call them "New Age Requirements."

Pay attention, Primrose and other Blog-Buddies who don't usually consider yourselves "New Age." Maybe you have been a New Ager for quite some time, given what the term really means. Because meeting any one of these requirements would make you a New Ager.

(Substitute an equivalent term if "New Age" has been ruined for you. It's like some of my clients who can't abide the term "God" because of the horrors that have been associated with that name, so they substitute a term that feels better, such as "The Universe" or "The Love that rules the Universe" or, for one very beloved client, "Lia.")

1. New Age is a lifestyle, not a religion
This is an especially important point because my chief objection to the "New Age Litany" is that it turns the New Age lifestyle into a kind of religious practice that I find ludicrously limiting.

As part of this thread, I aim to write future posts inspired by the extremely important new book, America's Four Gods. (Stay tuned or what, -prepared to sew?, for that book's amazing help for clarifying your beliefs and choices. The perspective from this book can greatly help you understand other people, too.)

For more information about what that New Age lifestyle is, keep reading the rest of this list.

To complete this New Age Requirement #1, there is nothing you must believe in order to engage in a New Age lifestyle. There's no official membership, no true credo or litany. It's simply a way of living, a way in harmony with the Aquarian Age.

2. New Agers recognize that consciousness is a very important factor in life.
What makes the New Age, or Aquarian Age, different from what preceded it? Consciousness is higher; spiritual vibrations on planet Earth are higher.

"Consciousness" simply means the degree of a person's being spiritually awake, spiritually intelligent.

Human evolution through the ages has meant having a more awake everyday state of awareness. Consciousness itself has evolved.

Since helping people to wake up this consciousness has been my professional field the last 40 years, I have had vivid and direct experience of the quickening pace of consciousness. Back in the day, my colleagues and I had to work really hard to teach any skill set to help people awaken, or actively use, their consciousness. Now it's so very easy.

Maybe you have been feeling more stressed over the past few years. Maybe you have noticed global warming more than increased global intelligence and spiritual resourcefulness. In my opinion, the growth of consciousness is at least as huge as any climate change during our lifetimes.

Since New Age is not a religion, however, you don't have to "believe in consciousness" to be a New Ager. You merely need to be interested in using your consciousness, or curious about it, or at least willing to admit that consciousness is an important part of your life.

Gee, actively using one's consciousness could even be the ultimate way to meet our second New Age Requirement.

3. The New Age lifestyle depends on recognizing that great Third Millennium essential for everyday life, energy.
Here I would like to give a shout out to James Redfield and his mega-bestseller The Celestine Prophecy. Even though this book contained every single bit of "The Myth about Auras" (as debunked in lavish, practical detail in my how-to book Aura Reading Through All Your Senses), James was the first writer to help many in the world develop Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.

This beginner's version of aura reading means paying attention to spiritual energy, life force energy, psychic energy, whatever you wish to call it.

And calling "energy" whatever you wish is part of the New Age lifestyle, incidentally. You're free to name it however you wish. (Which is one of many reasons why "New Age" does not necessarily mean "cult," despite the scoffing of those who feel threatened by anything New Age.)

Paying attention to energy with your conscious awareness, even developing skill sets to use it or change it or heal it -- all this is distinctively New Age.

Think about it. No traditional religion requires that a believer be actively present to energy in order to make life better. If you do this, in any way, you qualify as New Age regardless of your religious allegiance.

True, many religions have esoteric practices that engage energy, but that is different from living your human everyday life with an awareness that spiritual energy is an important factor in your experience.

And, yes, I'm aware that, in America, holistic medicine (i.e., Forms of healing based on energy) are now more popular than making visits to allopathic medical professionals. So that would mean quite a few people qualify as New Age, doesn't it?

Good thing it's a lifestyle, not a religion. ;-)

4. New Agers recognize the value of Energetic Literacy for making sense out of life.
Just as Gutenberg literacy became nearly universal by the end of the Piscean Age, Energetic Literacy is the required literacy for effectiveness in the Aquarian Age.

You don't have to call it "Stage 3 Energetic Literacy," as I do (a term you can learn more about in many blog posts, or see applied in many blog posts with detailed aura reading research or empath merges -- just use that SEARCH box on the upper left of this screen to begin hours of reading pleasure).

You could call it aura reading, intuitive reading, spiritual reading, or psychic reading.

Whatever you call it, please know that you can DO it. Of course you can read auras in depth and detail. And I can just bet that some of you right now have begun to cringe or flinch or have a sickish feeling inside as you're reading. Or else your eyes glaze over and you can't wait to skip this part of the post. But please know this:

Of course you can be as good at aura reading as you are at reading what's on this screen right now. Of course, it can be easy and natural and as effortless as Gutenberg literacy has become for you. I would love to teach you. And I'm sure that I can, whether through one of my books (like Aura Reading Through All Your Senses or Become the Most Important Person in the Room) or a workshop or personal mentoring. But, hey, there are other teachers aplenty and there may be many that you prefer to me.

Well, all you need is one (probably). Go for whoever can teach you until you own a complete and comfortable skill set that makes you fully literate about energy. That's what matters.

What if, along the way, anyone gives you the idea that you're "Not talented enough" or "Evolved enough" or you "Don't have THE GIFT." Would you do humanity a favor? Toss a pie in that person's face. Or maybe a gentle fling of some sauerkraut, safely away from that person's eyes.

Okay, don't do anything violent. But definitely run from that teacher, no matter how much you paid for that workshop or whatever. Would you believe it if someone told you that kind of rubbish about learning Gutenberg literacy?

5. New Agers question society's labels, assumptions, and myths. Each person explores his or her own truth, valuing that.
Earth is an amazing school for spiritual evolution. One feature of this learning academy is that we have labels aplenty. Only they tend to be wrong.

Consider "healer," for instance. You might expect that folks with the best healing credentials are the best healers. Or the doctors who charge the most money are the best doctors.

As if!

Consumerism is about questioning labels, to some degree. What makes New Age different is that the questions can be answered on one's own, with self-authority. It doesn't matter if Consumer Report (wonderful though it is) gives a high rating to a product or service. What matters more is your direct experience, or your doing aura reading research in detail on the impact of that particular choice for you.

Incidentally, when you take your life in your hands, as it were, for selecting a healer, please use Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Make it detailed aura reading, e.g., researching the impact of a choice on a representative set of 10 chakra databanks. Don't merely go for a hunch, an intuition, our an overall energy -- which would count as Stage 1 or Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.

To use not-quite-there-yet energetic literacy can put you at risk for making a snap judgment that moves you in the direction of an existing imbalance. My point is not to insult your sacred intuition and hunches but, rather, encouraging you to learn how to harness this kind of intuitive power by gaining skills that make you fully literate.

6. New Agers acknowledge that each person has beauty and value. Nobody is spiritually superior to anyone else. So judging others is discouraged, while discernment is encouraged.
Very, very important point of true New Age wisdom, folks! According to the New Age Litany, one must encourage and support everyone, no matter what. Supposedly it is so very vital to stay positive.

Ridiculous! Discernment is part of reading the truth, rather than depending on earth's confusing labels.

Deciding that something is not for you, or taking a bit of time to distinguish your truth from something that seems similar but really has consequences that you find appalling -- this should count as WISDOM. This is a lot of what Buddha taught. This is not being "judgmental."

Speaking up on behalf of your truth, gained through discernment, is not "being negative." It is being authentic... and authentically New Age.

7. Although New Agers are willing to learn from anyone, ultimately they depend on their own self-authority.
Such courage might have been unthinkable before humanity had evolved enough in terms of consciousness. Because you or others might have used self-authority in any previous lifetime, as well as this one. But this would have been an exceptionally evolved thing to do.

Think of just about any major religion and you will find a founder who told followers to use self-authority. Yet later, that founder, or that founder's organization, became one more authority to obey or idol to be worshipped. Examples include:

*Jesus and his teachings
*Moses and his struggles during those 40 years in the desert en route to the Promised Land, where followers kept pausing to worship new idols
*Founders of Hasidic Judaism
*Founders of Protestant Christianity

The thing about New Age Litany that annoys me most is the horrible disregard for spiritual self-authority. Instead it is outsourced to anyone but one's human self -- to guides, to angels, to Hay House Radio, to coincidences.

8. New Agers take active responsibility for pursuing personal growth. They don't expect others to fix their problems.
Fixing includes the idea that one's personal growth will be fixed instantly, or quickly, but figuring out "My Purpose" or "What is meant to be."

Neither does it count as New Age to expect an abstraction like "Time" to fix or heal one's problems.

The Christian version is the notion that being Saved or Born Again means that your problems now belong to Jesus. Not all Christians believe this, of course. But it's so emphasized in pop culture. And (as you'll see if you read one especially interesting chapter in my upcoming how-to, due for publication Nov. 8, 2010, Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy) there are definite aura-level consequences of this reliance upon Jesus to fix everything because one is Saved.

Expecting Jesus to clear all one's negative karma, or otherwise fix one's mistakes, is the aspect of Born Again religion that I find especially troubling. Frankly, it reduces Jesus to a position like that of the guy at the circus who follows the elephant and scoops up his poop.

New Age requires enough spiritual maturity to pursue one's own human growth one chunk at a time... and not to outsource it to God, faith, religion or other abstractions.

9. New Agers make contact on their own with Spiritual Source. They give themselves permission to mix and match from all wisdom traditions. Spiritual loyalty is to Spiritual Source, that person's version of God (or equivalent belief system).
Yes, this takes courage. Experimentation on such a deep level takes a great deal of courage.

You need to be your own leader, and in the very most personal way with the very most at stake.

Yet all the issues brought up by the need to pursue your own truth -- this helps a person move forward toward claiming the last New Age Requirement on our list.

One can stay within any organized religion and do this. Or one might feel more comfortable in what I call "disorganized religion."

Born Again Christians, Fundamentalists in every religion, members of every sect or and even any cult -- anyone can choose to stay on that path yet insist on making personal contact (in your own way) with Spiritual Source. Living in this New Age is compatible with any religion because New Age is a lifestyle, a way of living, not a set of dogmas.

10. New Agers seek Enlightenment, self-actualization, self-realization -- whatever the name for that individual's ideal for using full potential in life.
Of course you have the right to pursue That. You can become Enlightened through any spiritual path or religion -- provided it is one that really can get you there. Check on our Enlightenment Life List and propose your nominees to receive one aura reader's view of who is Enlightened and who is not. Or use the SEARCH box to find posts like the one about "Living Through The Heart."

Energetic Literacy is what YOU would use to evaluate Enlightenment in yourself, in others, in the consequences of any spiritual path. Although a teacher need not be Enlightened to offer something of value, a very distorted or STUFF-filled aura does suggest that a teacher's offerings will be of limited value.

Decide for yourself what has value. Including all 10 of the items cited here.

Share YOUR requirements for New Age at http://www.rose-rosetree.com/blog/2010/10/20/new-age-energetic-literacy-...

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