If you're concerned that your dreams fade away too quickly so that you can't remember enough to interpret, or maybe they're just vague enough that you would like more information or imagery, then you can actually work on cultivating this. The trick is in learning how to make yourself realize when you are dreaming. This seems more difficult than it is, and there are a multitude of resources out there that can assist you in training your higher self to be more aware in the future.

The number one method for learning how to interpret dreams, though, is to actually sit and journal your dreams. By writing down what you remember, you commit the lucidity of the dreams to your memory, and you are able to more clearly identify images and symbols that have meaning. From the moment you wake up to the moments you go and either make breakfast or get into the shower, you lose multitudes of precious information that you won't remember again.

Oftentimes, individuals experiencing psychic experiences often wonder how their waking self and their dreaming self can relate, and whether or not their dreams truly do have an additional meaning. After all, dream interpretation is an ancient form of psychic study, as many societies have attempted to understand the images we see every night for centuries. The concept of dream interpretation relies on the notion that dreams can be a variety of things, such as literal images, lessons about life, symbolic images, or even a concept of a premonition. So, what can we do when faced with dreams? How do we handle and learn how to interpret dreams?

Try to remember at the end of the day, though, that in learning how to interpret dreams, it is important to find the knowledge base so that you can interpret. There are many books that help provide insight for the imagery from dreams, so it's all a matter of journaling and finding a resource to interpret the images.

Let us first look at the notion of dreams that foretell the future. Precognition is often a concern for others, as individuals find themselves irrationally afraid that any dream can suddenly become a portent for misfortune. The important thing to understand with all dream interpretation, though, is that one cannot always know which dreams are precognitive and which are simply symbolic. You can't always act upon the information gleaned from dreams. There are so many different portents you can face, from the mundane to the world-ending sort of things, and you cannot possibly learn how to prevent or warn others about them all. The best option is to spend the time to analyse one's dreams, but then learn to relinquish control if you need to. If you have dreams that directly involve an event occurring with you, then see if there is anything you can do to avoid being put in the situation that you dreamt. It isn't an exact science, but it's certainly a start.

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