The Supreme Court states sexual harassment as any unwelcome, and sexually determined physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct. For instance: A sexual remark about any colleague, need of sexual favour, pornography or similar offensive acts at the workplace. This affects his/her personal as well as working life.

It is very important to ensure that the Posh Act 2013 actually ensures the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. This demands widespread awareness amongst the employer, employees and other staff working in the company.

Moreover, women employee or worker might be facing sexual harassment. They might not be aware of the fact that there is something which can be done about it. There are some highly educated fools who want to protect the dignity of their company and believe that the matters need to be solved between two.

Urgent steps must be taken to educate people about what actually is sexual harassment and what impact it has on mental health. The employer is responsible to set an ICC and look after the maintenance of a safe environment for work. The members of ICC must be vigilant enough to ensure proper awareness program regarding Posh Act 2013 is being propagated from time to time.

Impacts of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual harassment results in professional as well as a personal loss.

Professional loss results in decreased performance, increased absenteeism resulting in loss of pay, withdrawal of interest from work, being objectified, separation, missing out on promotional opportunities, being ostracized and having to move to a new company and new place. This ultimately results in career fluctuation.

Personal loss involves anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and headaches. These can lead to a person consuming sleeping pills and anti-depressant, loss of motivation, eating disorder, feeling powerless, no-self confidence and loss of trust over people. These will result in isolation and withdrawal from social gatherings.

Knowledge and Training Regarding Posh Act 2013

Dealing with sexual harassment cases at a place of work is not very easy. It is extremely complex. Hence, the Internal Complaint Committee should have the skills or capacity to solve the case efficiently without being biased.

This includes a sound grasp of the Act, Vishaka Guidelines, applicable Service Rules, relevant laws and an understanding of workplace sexual harassment and related issues.

The ICC must possess the skills to investigate properly with relevant documents as per the Posh Act 2013. They need to listen, write and analyse clearly so that any of the sides doesn’t remain unheard.

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