In the previous note, Predictions talk about relationships, work and money; now for the attitudes and nature. Let's face it, the 2011 will give us very specific tasks to mature and take charge of our actions.

We said that we must take a deep breath, expand the mind and have lower expectations for this 2011. In case you have not noticed;it is almost a decade from September 2001 that the sense of greater uncertainty and fragility of the planet has occurred. And this has increased the last couple of years, but we can not remain impassive in front of the destination, 2011 invites us to act, land and build a new life.

How and from where to live the year

Being positive is the watchword; the hints of pessimism may be punished.

What attitudes will award the stars? Pluto will make a party if we are more humble, healthy, austere and detached to deal with, especially, financial issues, health and the goals that we are drawn to. Nothing obsessive or believe to hold on the body, because we pass the bill. The powerfuland sharp Pluto will also be looking at how we manage our internal and external power, if we avoid, if we abuse it, if we manipulate in serving others. In addition, pessimism and complaints will be punished.

Saturn will make us good note if we act with patience and flexibility in our relationships with others, if we favor the common good over individualism. Also, if we accept that we have much fear of intimate relationships and our ghosts and shortcomings are activated when we face those.

Since the second quarter, Uranus and Jupiter from Aries enthusiastic again and asked us anything new, to make changes especially in our character and the way in which we set in the world. It Invite us to trust Jupiter and Uranus to connect with the group, both also will test our rage.

Neptune and Chiron, in turn will activate our conscience, our compassionate side and a more spiritual view of life, although the first cause some confusion about flowing emotionand asked us, we are also asked to be more intuitive to move.

Nature, troubled

The waves may be the tone between April and sold out by the passage of Neptune through Pisces.

A few months ago we talked about the short visit to the intrepid Aries Uranus. But this giant is now entering yet and strongly activating the fire element in nature. Fires, volcanic eruptions, more global warming are not enough today, "a lot of winds and thunderstorms will be dropped in the Landscape 2011. But you will not be reading this, take a precautionary approach and observing the fire, also admire his power, feel its warmth and connect with your inner fire with passion for life.

When Neptune is going to happen to splash into Pisces, between April and August, the world's oceans and waters will be shaken; attention must be paid to the Chilean coast. There maybe more floods, tsunamis, storm surges and a revelation of water, along with some disputes it. It will be a great time to honor, care for it, drink it and feel its purity.

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