In today’s hectic world, a typical morning involves waking up and tending to personal needs (i.e. hygiene, breakfast, etc.) and preparing to go to work. Often, in the process of the ‘everyday’ and ‘getting things done’, we neglect the things we need to energize and motivate us, whether it’s spontaneity, creativity or interaction that’s more meaningful than discussing this week’s reports with co-workers.

This neglect can result in feeling exhausted, disengaged and all-around stressed out – all of which is counter-productive and can create a ripple effect across many areas of life. You may feel your daily grind is sucking the life from you and, even if you love your job and the people you spend your time with, you may feel like something is missing. Perhaps you lack the energy to enjoy your days off, possibly even spending them alone in order to rejuvenate.

We don’t always realize this, but the ‘everyday’ is incredibly important and we do have a lot more control over it than we think! It starts with a shift in how you view your days and where your energy is spent, which is especially crucial for empaths and highly sensitive people. Mornings are particularly significant, also, because they often set the tone for the entire day.

So, take a moment to think about where your energy robbers are during your day. Maybe it’s sitting at a desk all day in repetition mode, or zipping through a hectic workload with no time to focus in between. Whatever it is, it has a counter-pressure…it’s just a matter of finding and utilizing it to gain your balance and make your days awesome!

Ask yourself the following questions (and go crazy in your daydream!):

1. What would your perfect morning look like? Where do you wake up, with whom, what do you do? How do you feel?

2. What does your perfect day look like (not the awesome weekend you have been looking forward to… the everyday-day)?

3. Where do you work or spend most of your time? Doing what? Are you sitting in front of a desk, on a couch, on the beach?

4. What do you do in the evening? With who?

Once you have your ideal ‘everyday’ experience, find ONE SMALL and DOABLE action step that you can do TODAY to bring you closer to that perfect everyday!

This isn’t a one-time goal – it’s an on-going work in progress. After you’ve realized your initial perfect everyday, go ahead and create a new one! There are many ways to be happy, so why limit yourself to only one? Explore and embrace your joy today!

Author's Bio: 

Mette Muller is an intuitive life coach, specializing in empaths and other sensitives who feel stuck, misunderstood or overwhelmed. After overcoming her own struggle, she designed a development system comprised of her own experience and a three-tiered system involving energy management, mindset & manifesting and developing intuitive abilities. Thus, Best Self Experience was born.

As a certified Soul Realignment practictioner, instructor of Anusara Yoga and having worked with non-profits to assist in social change in many nations, Mette has gathered a wealth of knowledge of various peoples, across many cultures and religions. This knowledge lends itself toward a greater understanding of what individual development comprises of and blends seamlessly into her natural passion for helping others attain true happiness in their lives.