What does your map for success look like? I want everyone reading this to cut out words and pictures of all the things you want to be, to do, and to have; paste them on a big piece of flip chart paper and stick it to a wall that you will see every day. I made my ‘Success Map’ 6 months ago. You will read such sayings as, “Stop at Nothing”, “Straight Shooter”, and “Have Faith in Yourself and Faith Will Be in You” among several others.

Oh, you will also see a picture of David Cassidy, from the Partridge Family. He was so cute! Many of you will know who I am talking about – the biggest crush of the 70s! Why is he up there? Because as soon as I saw his picture I had the best memories of a young girl who thought she could conquer the world. She could be anything, do anything and make anything she wanted.

Imagine an image so powerful that all those great feelings come back in an instant? Find your image – it’s worth it.

New York Times best-selling author, Marilu Henner tells us to set up our environment to win, in her book “Wear Your Life Well.” Setting up your environment to win is the same as using the business approach of organizing not only your main business activity but all activities that support your business. Use this for every aspect of your life – including influence.

Look around – where do you already have influence, where is your influence needed and what do you want to influence that isn’t happening now? List the people, relationships and situations. Don’t forget the specific items you wish to influence about yourself.

Next, write out the supporting features in the environment that exists in each item you listed. For instance, you want to influence your boss to recognize your work during meetings. So, ask yourself, “What is in the environment that I can influence or impact to get this done?” You can sell your work to the other people at the meeting – inviting feedback during a meeting. You can position your work strategically along with work he or she does recognize.

The important part is to expand your view of what is surrounding the very thing you wish to influence. There is way more in our environment than we see.

Let your Success Map remind you everyday of what you’re moving toward and who you are. Make changes as you go along. This is your future – so take charge.

PS I also have “Steal the Show” on my Success Map, too!

“Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Harvard Professor

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