Wealth is the key to building your confidence. Wealth is not money, it is a state of mind. That state of mind happens to attract money but it isn’t the physical aspect of coins in your pocket or notes in your purse. Your amount of debt and the ability to pay it reflects your current self-esteem and confidence. Unconsciously we make decisions to affirm when we’re ‘worth it’ and when we’re unworthy.

If in the last few years you’ve found yourself making poor choices, 2011 is the year to change that. It is the most supportive energy in decades.

The support is something you can’t touch, it is something you feel, it exists deep within your core. However, you have to ignite that feeling. As soon as you do, you’ll find many of your financial challenges will start to correct themselves. I have seen this ‘magic’ work too many times for it to be incorrect.

If you’ve got debts that are making you anxious or unhappy, make 2011 your year to correct that. If your thoughts drift towards the fact you’ve already made as many changes as possible to reduce your outgoings, then consider an adjustment to your sub-conscious world. This could start to make a serious dent in your debts, or generally improve not only your financial wealth, but your spiritual one too.

How you can successfully put your goals and targets in place?

Once you have decided upon the most important aspect for you to concentrate on for 2011, think about the following:

a) What are your daily habits?
b) What are the time lines you want to put into place? When will things happen?
c) What are the strategies and tactics you’re going to use in order to make your plans a reality?

It’s time now to adjust the ‘fast food’ mentality of wanting it yesterday. In order to successfully achieve your plans and goals for 2011, you must first give yourself a bit of time. Think in realistic timelines of how to get out of the ‘fast’ mode and into the steady. It’s the little things that start to build your confidence. Give yourself the opportunity along the way to celebrate the little wins, in order to make room for the big one.

The Importance of Your Treats:
In order to really get going and to keep yourself motivated, it is important to give yourself some rewards occasionally en route. These rewards do not have to be extravagant, and should certainly not be an excuse for a spending spree but they should entail choosing something that’s going to feel ‘special’ to you. It is important to ‘romance’ yourself, in order to feel worthy and build up your self-esteem.

If you’ve made a significant step in the right direction towards your main goal, then reward yourself with a treat you wouldn’t normally give yourself. One I strongly suggest, especially for women, is instead of rummaging in the reduced bucket of flopping flowers that have seen better days, buy yourself a small bouquet of the flowers you really want. Make the choice based on what you want, rather than what’s the most practical. Put the ones back that are going to last the longest and go for the pretty ones you prefer. If you have the courage to do this here and there, you are beginning to learn how to accept rather than always over-giving. The Universe can then begin to respond appropriately – it can start to ‘give’ the unexpected with you appreciating, rather than rejecting.

What will make or break 2011 for you? Accountability and action will make or break this year for you. Choose who is going to hold you accountable for your actions. Accountability can be a group, a person, a family member, or a mastermind group who will help you to stay on track. These are people who have faith in you, who are there to cheer you on and help you get up when you fall over. They are there to assist you in maintaining your pace so that you may grow to the level you want to. The person may even be part of your internal world. Accessing this person or group of people, whether internal or actual is the key to your success.

Your confidence, self-esteem and worth will receive a well-deserved boost and this is definitely the year in which to do this.

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