This is the most common issue raised about drain cleaners today. For a septic tank to work effectively, it needs bacteria essential in the waste to break down and ensuring the system runs appropriately. Never use heavy chemicals in your septic tank since they kill these bacteria. It is recommended that you go for the more natural drain cleaner to unclog drains in these tanks. Click here to learn more from Dublin drain cleaners.

Let's take a look at several drain cleaners safe for your septic tank:

1. Drano Max Gel Drain Cleaner

This cleaner and all other Drano products are safe for your septic tank. It unclogs the drain pipes and also maintains the bacteria balance in your septic tank. It is advisable that at least once per month, use a Drano Max Build-Up Remover. It unclogs drain blockages and replenishes the bacteria in the septic system for proper waste break down.

2. Liquid Plumber cleaner

This product is safe to use on your septic system because it's made of ingredients that degrade easily and quickly, bringing little or no harm to the bacteria. You can use it on sinks and drains. However, it is not recommended for dishwashers, which mostly use rubber pipes since it quickly damages them.


This is an environmental-friendly drain cleaner that is enzymatic-based. It has no chemicals and, in fact, provides maintenance to drain pipes. It is easy to use and maintains a healthy balance of the bacteria in your septic system. As compared to other enzymatic based drain cleaners, it is faster and produces the best results.

4. Natural drain cleaners

If you do not wish to use any chemicals for your drain cleaning, the following simple natural process will help. You will need vinegar and baking soda. Pour ½ cup vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda mixture into the drain. This mixture produces a fizzing reaction that unblocks the clog.

For less serious clogs, pour hot water down the drain pipes.

Additionally, you can use a plunger for natural drain cleaning. It is advisable that you first use the plunger if you still wish to use a chemical cleaner. This is because pouring the chemical first, then using the plunger, may result in the chemical splashing back on you.

The plunger is always safe for your septic tank and easily clears simple clogs. Some plungers are very effective in hair clogs removal, others in grease removal, others for toilet blockages, et cetera.

5. Maintaining your septic system- RID-X SEPTIC TANK TREATMENTS.

This product is beneficial for the upkeep of your septic tank. It constantly breaks material in the tank, ensures it flows and that there are no clogs.

It comes with a simple manual and is easy to use and provides great results. It also replenishes the bacteria in your tank, ensuring there is a healthy balance.

Final Words

Prevention is better than cure. It could be better if your drain pipes did not block, therefore raising any need for unclogging them. How do you not clog your drains? First, avoid pouring things that may clog your pipes down the drain, such as oils and grease. It is advisable to place screens over bathtub and shower drains to prevent hair clogs.

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