Geeks are the hardest people to buy for. Things that just don’t make sense are the things they want. They are always asking plenty of questions, and always have their nose stuck in a book or a PC. They want and need challenge, just to drive their insatiable lust for knowledge.

(Please read on, and laugh a bit.)


What would your Geek do if you handed them the ultimate leverage to become a Super-Geek? They would be thrilled with the chance to be a raving hot Geek; a Geek that all other Geeks look up to.
I may have an answer for that perfect gift for your Geek.

First, please be kind to Geeks. They are people too. Geeks just need to be accepted, along with everyone else.

You are hearing it all the time. There are so many people that belong to so many different groups, also known as “socially impaired”, that everyone is reminding everyone else to be tolerant. Geeks are no different than anyone else. Some Geeks stay “in the closet” because they don’t want to be associated with Geekism. They just want to be treated as normal.

Because you are reading my blog entries at and emails, you may be a Geek yourself. Don’t worry. You are fine by me.

I was told when I first embarked upon writing on the Internet, I should write for a third grade intellect. NO! I write in my style. I populate the Internet with Intellectual Intrigue. I am not going to cow-tow to others that have no idea of my intended audience – YOU! In a way, you could say I am a Geek. I am perfectly fine with that.

From one Geek to another, while you are opening up time for further intellectual pursuits, you may want to consider installing a little balance. What I mean by balance is for you to find ways to be just as intellectual in a shorter amount of time. This is handy if you want to be with Geek friends, or if you want to open up your social calendar for people of other persuasions.

What Geek couldn’t resist getting enough brains to blow up a battleship? (The game, silly.) Seriously, if your favorite Geek could learn, by using simple methods, to supercharge his or her brain to take in information at light speed, he or she would jump at the chance.
Academia Infinitum!

Oh, and even if you are not a Geek, you can do it too.

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That Must-Have gift:

Now, you can continue looking all over the Internet and beyond for that gift for the special Geek in your life, or you can make a decision. A decision to give them something they can really appreciate; something that will take them to all new Geeky heights. (Or you.)

But you better consider it fast. You may be out of luck if you are waiting till the last minute to get your Geek that must-have toy, “Andrathul*, the Eco-Terrorist Alien Robot that changes into a rubber duck that talks like Elmo from Sesame Street” from your local toy store. (I hope you enjoy my sense of humor.) You better get this now, before you forget the simple little name, “ZOX Pro Training”.

Great Things Happen Here!

PS: The “Andrathul, the Eco-Terrorist Alien Robot that changes into a rubber duck that talks like Elmo from Sesame Street” toy is next years must have toy, and is not available in stores yet.

*Andrathul also has an on-board microbial chlorophyll factory which eats carbon dioxide to provide its own energy, and never needs batteries, and can be used to decrease your carbon credit loading.

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