Good health is mainly dependent on the complex vitamin, which is identified as the Vitamin B12. It has an exclusive absorption mechanism and is usually found in all animal foods, except honey.
Vegans, however; may argue on this aspect, nevertheless, there is no reliable, known plant source of Vitamin B12. This is an issue that the vegans come across and is a very big concern to their health if they do not supplement their diet with it. Vitamin B12 deficiency was first discovered and a research was subsequently conducted in the UK in the year 1955. The results showed that the vegans had Vitamin B12 deficiency – in some severe cases, the participants suffered from nerve damage, which eventually led them to dementia.
Repeated studies have provided consistent results amongst the vegan participants – and it is now a common understanding that Vitamin B12 deficiency is extensive. The nutritional experts state that people must supplement their routine diets with Vitamin B12 in order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. This also applies to vegans as well, as they have been found as Vitamin B12 deficient in most cases.
Vitamin B12 Liquid supplements have been acknowledged by vegan health experts as the most suitable supplement. This is mainly because it is not made using animal products but rather made with bacteria.
There is overwhelming evidence that supports the requirement of vitamin B12 in Vegan diets as it prevents them from harming their health, however; the remains vegan advocated who promote this notion that all the vital nutrients can be easily acquired from plant foods. Without considering the risk the vegans are at with Vitamin B12 deficiency, they still are out there promoting the vegan lifestyle.
There is another school that states that Vegan Vitamin B12 supplements are crucial, however, it is not a crucial aspect- almost as an afterthought. One other vegan school of thought is that the human body can easily store Vitamin B12 for several years and a very small amount of required by the body to maintain great health.
It is a fact that when an individual turns to veganism, there are many people out there who have sufficient storage of Vitamin B12 in their liver that helps prevent the obvious B12 deficiency for many years. These instances require the individual to consume excessive quantities of Vitamin B12 over a long period of time. This does not really support the notion that merely a small amount is this Vitamin is needed to be consumed every few years.
It has been mainly found that vegans who do not supplement their diet with Vitamin B12 experiences levels of homocysteine in the range which is linked to stroke and heart diseases – significantly higher than their meat-eating counterparts.

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Good health is mainly dependent on the complex vitamin, which is identified as the Vitamin B12.