Getting older is spontaneous and unavoidable. Old age people tend to get dependent on so many things on the family. The efficiency, physical strength, and in some cases the thinking ability decrease.
Keeping yourself healthy not only can save you from terrible diseases but also reduce your kin's burden. Living a healthy life is also required these days because it is a bitter truth that you will not find many people around you at your older days, because most of the joint families have broken into nuclear families.
What we do today will yield the results tomorrow. The dependency will only reduce if we add some healthy practices to our lifestyle.

Vulnerable Elderly Health Issues

No one can predict how long you will live in the world, but awareness, precautions, and utmost care can help you to live a long healthy life. Having said that its an undeniable fact that old aged people are highly susceptible to the following diseases:

1. Bladder control issues and constipation
Urinary incontinence is a side effect of aging, not a sickness. Incontinence is an indication that tells you something is not okay with your body. It happens because the bladder tends to get weaker at old age. Loose motions and constipation are quite common problems for older people and this can lead them towards bowel or urinary incontinence.

2. Memory Loss
As individuals get senile, the brain cells start degenerating. Generally, forgetfulness is considered a sign of aging. But it is not always true. Forgetfulness can be the warning sign of Alzheimer's disease. The most terrible fact about Alzheimer's is that it is progressive and non-reversible.

3. Oral health

Regularly neglected, oral care is one of the most excruciating issues for older people. It is found that around 25 percent of grown-ups beyond 65 years of age have lost their original teeth.
If your tooth is decaying with pain or having cavities, it becomes very difficult to have your food properly. Bad oral health care can raise other related problems as well.

4. Fragile Bones
At old age, as the muscular strength reduces the bones tend to get weak. Older people are at high risk of osteoporosis because the body becomes calcium deficient.

5. Weak Immunity

Even though the quantity of T cells doesn't diminish while growing old, T-cell becomes less effective and functional to take action against germs. This is why the immune system in senior citizens weakens overtime. They are more likely to catch illnesses compared to young adults.

6. Prostate Problems
Prostate Problems in men may happen at old age. Common prostate problems include prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and the most severe one - prostate cancer. Identifying lower urinary tract indications and awareness about prostate issues can assist you with getting early diagnosis and treatment.

The Bottom Line
Age-related problems are bound to happen. Human beings have no control over this. Still, there are a few things that we have controls on. We all need to be aware of what will keep us healthy at an old age. Our aim should be to make some conscious changes in our life so as to reduce the dependency on our family or caregivers at old age.

Author's Bio: 

Niya Bharti is a post-graduate in social science. Born in 1988 she is fun-loving adventurous. She loves traveling. She loves interacting with people. She is a blogger. In her blog, she tries to raise her concern about women, old-aged people, and children especially the young babies. She is working in a field where she can contribute to the wellness of society.

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