Lately, ever since P90X came on the scene, I've heard so much talk about Muscle Confusion and the different opinions on this workout method. If you don't know how this workout method was brought about, it is the primary workout method used in the Home Workout Video Series P90X. So, I decided to set the record straight so no one is left "confused"..get it? Muscle Confusion..Ok well basically I took on this workout concept for about a month because I decided to give it a try and see if it really worked. I won't tell you my results yet, but I will let you know that in addition to self-experimentation, I did a vast amount of quality, trustworthy research on this subject. My findings on this method are not quite what I expected. You'll see what I mean in a second.


What Is Muscle Confusion?

So to start things off we have to ask ourselves one thing. What is this workout concept? Basically the goal of this method is to confuse our muscles. The way you build muscle is by performing exercises that are difficult for your muscles to adapt to, because your muscle's ability to adapt is what develops that gained muscle mass.

Now according to this theory, because you're body adapts very fast to whatever stress is placed on it, this provides you the ability to "take control" of how your muscles adapt. Muscle Confusion has you perform exercises that apparently "confuse" your muscles. Now how does is even accomplish this?

Basically Muscle Confusion exercises come about when you change the exercises and switch them around. Supposedly when you perform different exercises and mix them up, this prevents your body's ability to become accustomed to the same movement during each workout.


Muscle Confusion Supposedly Prevents Fitness Plateaus

Many people reach muscle development or weight loss "plateaus" and they don't know how to get past this plateau. Supposedly you're able to avoid reaching any Fitness plateaus by using the Muscle Confusion method because you're preventing your body from adapting to each individual exercise.

Thus, muscle confusion occurs and you're muscles are left confused and not able to adapt. Rather, this increases your results because your muscles naturally have to build more in an attempt to adapt to exercises.


Does Muscle Confusion Really Work?

The real question among normal individuals and Fitness Researchers alike is, "Does Muscle Confusion really work?" The answer may be rather surprising after everything I've gone through to describe it, but honestly it does not work. This is from personal experience, trial and error, and extensive, proven research done by professionals. The reason it doesn't work is because your body doesn't function the way Muscle Confusion hopes it will function.

Instead your body actually does adapt to each exercise no matter how you switch them up, but rather it's a matter of how long your body takes to adapt to specific, Ultimate exercises. The way you switch up and mix your exercises really has no determining of how fast your body adapts to exercises, so Muscle Confusion plainly, will not work.


What You Can Do Instead

Since Muscle Confusion doesn't work, there is one thing you can do to maximize your muscle building results. I recommend that you work each muscle to complete exhaustion rather than trying to Confuse your muscles with a fake workout method. Muscle Exhaustion is a method proven to work, and it works because you really do develop larger, faster muscle when you exhaust your muscles.

I won't get into exactly why Muscle Exhaustion really is the Ultimate Workout method for any muscle group, but you can research for yourself as to why this is the best way to workout any muscle.

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