Penang in Malaysia is one of the most exciting markets that have its own unique and distinct position among property enthusiasts. Real estate Malaysia has managed to bag ample popularity due to the many expatriates and investors making way to the country. There are many places that are particularly called the property hub in Malaysia and Penang earns a top position amongst all these places. Most market analysts and investors constantly keep an eye as to how the Penang property market is doing. Here’s an article that offers a quick glimpse of how property penang is expected to grow in the current year.

Considering the general growth, in spite of the recession in the U.S, and European countries, the overall economy in Malaysia for 2012 is expected to remain stable. Speaking about Penang, the residential sector enjoyed significant growth last year and analysts believe that similar trend is expected to get repeated in 2012.

Considering what difference the property market in Penang will see when compared to 2011, the market will have less buzz. Although Penang and its picturesque surroundings will still manage to catch an eye of considerable number of investors seeking for an authentic mode of wealth investment for the future. The confidence investors have in penang real estate remained strong in 2011 and similar growth is expected for the current year. The growth curve is anticipated to remain optimistic and overall prosperity will be a favoured factor for investors buying properties in this island.

Considering foreign ownership, markets like Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and Japan are already doing great on this front. But, in view of the way Penang is emerging as a choice property investment destination, the place is expected to soon earn a name on this list. The low cost of living combined with a high living standard have already impressed Malaysia My Second Home participants move towards Penang as their second home. Also, features like spoken English language, world class health services, stability in economics and political fields and many others have further helped in adding to the number of property investors in Penang.

The many benefits a person gets to enjoy at Penang have helped the place in earning ample popularity. Many even compare this to Hua Hin in Thailand for all that this place offers. Penang property prices when compared to other areas in vicinity are lowest and this has emerged as the most important factor in driving foreign investors to the island.

There are many factors that have acted as the driving force for convincing foreigners to invest in Penang. The well preserved cultural heritage, the natural beauty that is unsurpassed, the low property prices, welcoming nature of Penangites are just few of such factors. Houses located at places like the Muntri street, China street and more at Penang are the most preferred locality that foreigners buy home at considering all the alternatives and features they get to enjoy here.

Overall, the property market in Penang for this year is expected to earn strong points, for the buoyancy investors will get to enjoy here in all aspects.

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