Social presence for businesses is so vital in today's digital marketplace because it allows consumers to interact with businesses so quickly and effectively. Fiona Ballard has recently launched an all-new Facebook page, complete instructions and implementation tools for the redesign and even more free tools than before.

As an internet marketing authority Fiona Ballard is not new to the social media space - our combined pages dominate Facebook with 65,000 fans. But with Facebook's change from its earlier layout to the new Timeline design, she took the opportunity to offer even more insight into the world of social media.

"Timeline has changed the face of social media for business but we saw it as an opportunity to become even more helpful and relevant to our readers. Facebook is such a source of research and information now that we can get a real edge by providing our clients and fans with ways to promote and inform and also grow their businesses."

Changes to Facebook's Timeline redesign places a large cover picture at the very top of the page and then the rest of the page is, exactly that a timeline of events and posts. Like other Facebook changes, this one came with mixed reviews. The negative or downside is that it is quite a different looking page than previously so it takes time to get used to but also businesses have had to revamp their brands because they take such a huge part of the visual appeal when landing on the page. "We see the redesign as an opportunity to strengthen our brand."

Our logo is bold and stands out to readers. Through timeline we are careful to manage post after post which is what our readers see now.

"We want to be a resource for information and support to small business so when people like our page they can assume they will get exactly that. Our Internet Marketing business is so far advanced and we get such great results for people that we expect to continue to grow and expand at the rate we have to date."

"There's more to come," promises Fiona. "With the roll-out of our membership Franchise this year, Sprout Group offers people all over Australian an opportunity to learn from the best and manage really lucrative small businesses from anywhere in the world." "Facebook has been an exciting channel for us so far and we think this Timeline redesign is going to help us with our future plans."

For more information about Sprout Group Australia or or contact Fiona Ballard at fiona(at)fionaballard(dot)com

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Fiona Ballard is an esteemed expert in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. Based in beautiful Bowral NSW Fiona trains and distributes her skills to thousands of small business across Australia and the world. For more information about Sprout Group Australia or or contact Fiona Ballard at fiona(at)fionaballard(dot)com