A catastrophic earthquake may devastate southern California, May 31

Why would FEMA be so aggressive in prepping people for calamity if they weren’t confident it would be necessary or timely?

The drill last week planned for the Exodus of 400,000 in the event of a catastrophic earthquake and it coincides with biblical timing, “as the days of Noah.”

The Flood came with Passover timing (time of judgment) but in the 2nd spring month, which is May. Christ also implied judgment is like the fig tree “when summer is nigh,” but that’s in May, not April. Counting from the new moon crescent, like timing would be May 31 for trouble.

When women missed the wedding, Christ said to watch (clue for Passover as the only night that being awake and praying was required) because the kingdom is like a man traveling to a far country. If Israelites took a long trip in spring and couldn’t get back for Passover, they were to keep it the 2nd spring month as provided in the law of Numbers 9:10,11.

Two of Christ’s parables are linked to the above timing by “then” (same timing). “After His citing of the Flood, Christ said “Then shall two be in the field—one taken, the other left.” Is that about martial law when we lose freedom? Why did Col. Ammerman (under Gen Schwartzkopf) say there were a million UN troops in N. America, mostly on closed military bases? Trouble is not far away.

In Bible times, God referred to Babylon as His hammer in Jeremiah 50:23. Babylon brought judgment to Jerusalem and their temple burned on the 10th day of the 5th month (Jer 52:12,13), the same date that it burned when God used Rome to destroy it the 2nd time as warned by Christ in Matt 22:7 after Jewish reluctance to accept the gospel invitation was responsible for their loss.

America has repeated the Jewish mistake of going against the light, also going against the moral laws of the Bible, thinking that people can do as they please, it’s a personal matter. Bad idea.

The judgment that is impending will probably be more serious that most people imagine, and it will introduce the end-times in which we must either learn to do things according to the Bible or face a loss of destiny. God is all wise, fair and loving, but He can’t save us unless we choose His ways.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling writes on current events and Bible prophecy. His books are on Amazon and here's a short video for God Bless America? https://youtu.be/E-dnpfRd8Cc