Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, many people pay special attention to the daily diet. In fact, for female friends during the ovulatory period, they need more stringent dietary habits, according to health experts. Many foods can contribute to the pregnancy during the female ovulatory period.

The following suggestions are what you need to pay attention to.

1. Foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamins are a group of the nutrients that contribute to egg development. Therefore, if you want to promote ovulation through your diet, don't skip vitamin-rich foods. They are very helpful. When preparing for pregnancy, women can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as apple, banana, grapefruit, mango, orange, kiwi, persimmon, strawberry and so on.

2. Cereals

You should eat more cereals in your daily life. These foods contain a lot of phytoestrogens, which can surely promote ovulation. In addition to cereals, beans, fennel, sunflower seeds, onions and other foods are also high in estrogen. Hence, women who regularly fail to ovulate should eat more of these foods based on their taste.

3. Pork and beef bone soup

Bone soup is rich in bone marrow. Doctors point out that the effective substance of bone marrow contributes to hematopoietic ability and spermatogenic ability, which can improve sexual function as well as the quality of sexual life. Smash the bones before cooking and add a little rice vinegar when cooking, which will make more effective substances of the bone marrow dissolve into the soup. Surely, it is a good way to help improve the fertility for both men and women.

4. Beans

There are many foods that contain phytoestrogens in daily life, such as black beans, black bean milk and black bean soup. Black beans have a very good effect on follicular development, which can also supplement estrogen. So experts suggest that before and after menstruation, female friends should eat more black beans to help stimulate the secretion of estrogen.

5. Ginger tea with brown sugar

Due to the diet and lifestyle, many female friends will have a cold in the uterus. Ginger tea can warm the uterus, make menstrual blood smooth and improve dysmenorrhea, which can also help pregnancy. According to the survey, many regular customers state that ginger tea does a good job on improving menstrual cramps.

Normally, ovulatory day is 14 days or so before the female menstruation comes, and ovulatory period is the 5 days before and 4 days after the ovulatory day, which is 10 days in all. At times, some parts of the body may have uncomfortable symptoms, such as a slight pain in the lower abdomen and a swelling in the upper part of the stomach. Of course, these are all slight and normal phenomena. So don't be nervous, and pay more attention to rest and diet.

To better promote pregnancy, aside from diet and rest, females should also pay attention to personal hygiene and physical exercise.

You know, many diseases can impact the female fertility, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and tubal problems. Less attention paid to the personal hygiene can lead to the occurrence of bacteria invasion, thus leading to a poor pregnant environment. In this case, female friends are suggested to take the herbal formula Fuyan Pill to improve their conditions, which has a great effect on eliminating inflammation and adjust the female menstruation.

Beside, a strong body with great immunity is also what females need. The daily physical exercise can be of great help if they persist in it for a long period. The most common and useful options for them are jogging, yoga , jumping and moderate ball sports. After exercising and sweating a lot, they need to take a shower and change clean clothes, and drink more water to promote the blood circulation.All of these can enable you to have a better physical status to conceive.

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