If your backyard is large enough, you can set up simple games that require minimal setup. You can infact Buy Backyard Games online and setup in your backyard and enjoy with your friends. Here are few games you can play in your backyard.

Red Light/Green Light

For a fun outdoor game that you can play with your children, try playing Red-Light/Green-Light in your backyard. The game involves having one player, or "the Caller," stand at one end of the field. When the Caller looks away, a player may move forward. They may also take baby steps, spin steps, or leaps. When the Caller turns back, a player must freeze and return to the start.

Potato sack races

One of the most classic backyard games is the potato sack race. To play this game, you'll need a large yard, a few sturdy pillows cases or burlap sacks, and a sack large enough to reach each participant's waist. Other backyard games include beanbag toss or "cornhole," which requires skill and coordination to throw. The best part is that the results are as hilarious as they are entertaining.

I Spy, Cloud Edition

Have you ever played I Spy, Cloud Edition in your backyard? Then you must have noticed how amazing it is to see insects live in action. You can even try it outdoors by simply lying down in your backyard and looking up at the sky. Then, call out the shapes of the clouds as you find them! It is a lot of fun! Here are some games to play with the kids in your backyard!


Set up a game of horseshoes in your backyard. You can purchase plastic or metal horseshoe sets, or make your own. Place stakes every 20 inches on the ground, and teams can toss their horseshoes at them. To win, they must land on the other team's horseshoe. Here are some tips for making your own horseshoe court. You will need a backboard, sand pits, and corresponding stakes.


The first step to playing Kickball in your backyard is to lay out a baseball diamond or some other area with a soft surface. You'll need a baseball or softball and a ball. The fielding team will need a pitcher to throw the ball, and both teams will take turns being the pitcher. Runners will start at home plate and must run around the bases, tagging each base on the way.

I Spy

I spy games are great for teaching young children letters and the names of everyday objects. They require the player to identify a particular object and can reinforce their learning by pointing out different objects. The best way to choose the first spy is to ask the player whose birthday is next. Or, randomly select the person to be the first spy. In any case, it's guaranteed to be a great time for everyone. But make sure you play with a minimum of two players.

Tic Tac Toe

If you are looking for a new game to play with your kids, there are many fun Tic Tac Toe games you can make in your backyard. One of the best ways to make your own tic tac toe game is to take your own Perler beads and make some x's and o's. You can make more than one of each to play more than one game at a time. Just be sure to make enough pieces to have several rounds of the game.


If you're looking for a fun game to play in the backyard, you've probably heard of Kubb. This game is played with a set of sticks that must spin end over end. One-on-one games do not allow batons to spin horizontally. Players must be even in number to play. The object of the game is to knock down the kubbs in the opposing team's half of the pitch.

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