A horse can be a rewarding purchase. Whether you bought it to compete, for your job, or simply because you enjoy riding, you and your horse can build a strong relationship that can last decades. However, you need to ensure that you have all the proper equipment to care for your horse. Here are some of the types of gear and equipment you’ll need in order to properly care for your horse.

Feeding Equipment

First, horses eat a lot, which isn’t surprising considering their size. In fact, they’ll need to eat one to two percent of their weight in roughage every single day. While a good amount of their food can come from grazing, odds are you’re still going to need to feed them in their stables for them to get the necessary amount of food. For this, you’ll need a food container for them to eat out of as well as containers to store food. You’ll want to make sure that these both have lids to prevent rodents and other pests from getting into them, and you’ll want to ensure that they’re stored somewhere dry to prevent mold. Additionally, you’ll likely want scoops dividing the food if you’re feeding a horse or multiple horses individually. A wheelbarrow is also useful for transporting large feed containers, hay, and other things.

You’ll also need to remember to provide a water trough or bucket. If temperatures are dropping to freezing levels, you need to make sure the water is heated enough that your horses can drink it.

Grooming Equipment

Regular grooming is a necessary part of properly caring for horses. In addition to improving the look of your animal, it is also an important part of maintaining your horse’s health. It helps decrease skin problems and gives you a chance to look your horse over other other health threats like cuts. You’ll need a currycomb, several different brushes for removing dirt from their bodies, legs, and faces, a comb for their mane, and hoof picks. You’ll also need scissors, clipping, sponges, a sweat scraper, and a washcloth.

Riding Equipment

Of course, if you’re planning to ride, you’ll need riding equipment, though this is something you might wait to purchase until you have your new horse. There are several styles of riding, but one of the most popular is the English style. There are many different parts of necessary English tack, and those parts will vary based on how you plan to ride. You’ll need a halter, lead rope, bridle, reins, and bit. Additionally, you’ll need a saddle, stirrup leathers and irons, saddle pad, and girth.

Caring for a horse is a lot of responsibility, but it is worth it. In addition to having the right equipment, you need to make sure that you have enough space for your horse. The better you care for your new horse, the stronger of a relationship the two of you will build.

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