Malabar parota has always been a staple of the South Indian diet. Almost as popular as the backwaters, the elephants and the lush greenery, is the Malabar Parota. Even though it is identified as a signature South-Indian dish, Malabar or Kerala parota is extensively consumed by people all over India. This delicacy is cherished for its great taste and filling nature. This is mainly due to the fact that nothing tastes quite like a warm parota and your favourite side dish. Tasty curry and some parota is the very definition of a quintessential meal. It is a difficult combination to top.

The great thing about Malabar parota is that it tastes great with just about everything. Whether that's vegetarian dishes or non-vegetarian dishes, chances are Malabar parota can help make sure you have a fulfilling meal each time.

However, in the South, it is mostly non-vegetarian curries that are used as a side dish for Kerala paraota. When the two come together, the flavour truly shines. You could almost say that chicken curry and Malabar parota is a match made in heaven. Whether it's chilly chicken or butter chicken or any other variation of chicken curry, Malabar parota will always compliment the dish and give you a finger-licking good meal.

If you are a vegetarian and equally crave the taste of yummy Malabar Parota and are looking for a complimentary side dish to go with it, look no more! You have just as good an option, with the iD Fresh Natural Paneer. iD’s Natural Paneer is made with pure milk and lemon. It is completely natural and free of preservatives.

How to use:

Whether it’s fried rice that could use a twist or an otherwise boring vegetable curry that needs sprucing up, iD paneer is always your best bet.
Wash the pack before you cut it open.
Cut the paneer into cubes.
Fry, mix, or stir into the creamy dish you are serving with love.

Now that you’ve made delicious home-made paneer, where can you get the best Malabar Parota? There are many places you can get parota, but iD Fresh offers the best Malabar parota in the market. Available as variants, you can get both organic and natural Malabar Parota. Both are free of preservatives and made with the freshest ingredients. And iD has packaged this ready-to-heat, instant crispy delight from God’s own country to serve up a treat for you and your family. So, spilt a packet open and turn the tava on for some homemade love.

How to use:

Making a Malabar Parota just right is no easy task as seasoned veterans of cooking will tell you. You can now enjoy this delicacy right at home with iD Fresh.

Cut open the pack.

Heat the parota on a tava with a dash of ghee for about a minute.

Place the heated parota on a plate and press gently to separate the layers. Serve hot with an accompaniment of your choice.

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