Automobiles aren’t good for the environment when they are in running order. What isn’t so well known, however, is the fact that they are bad for the environment when they are permanently broken down, as well. The world needs salvage, or “auto wrecking” yards, for this very reason. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to successfully recycle vehicles. This would be a disaster for the environment. And we wouldn’t have such a great source of used parts, being forced to buy them brand new every time.
So, it is a very fortunate thing that there are car removal services out there buying clunkers. They are such an important resource for every community that has them, which is all communities. So why do most people no know what happens behind the scenes at one of these places? This is a situation that needs to be fixed with this blog post.

How Auto Wrecking Yards Work
One of the prerequisites required for a car to be eligible for being wrecked at a salvage yard is for it to be totalled, written off, or otherwise useless. This fact is usually ascertained by looking at the discrepancy between how much it will cost to fix and how much it was worth before it broke down. The car is normally taken to pieces after having all the fluids drained. The parts that are re-usable are kept while the parts that aren’t re-usable are scrapped for their materials.
After all the parts that can be re-sold second hand are taken from the scrap vehicle, the rest of the vehicle is shredded. The metals are separated from non-metals. The metals themselves are grouped into their different metal types and sent for recycling to scrap metal companies. The parts that are to be sold second hand are tested and refurbished in order to ensure their quality. Related article - Should I dismantle my car for parts or sell it for cash?

Why is this Good for the Environment?
For a start, the first step of draining the fluids ensures that those fluids aren’t going to get out and make a mess. When cars are left lying about on lawns and driveways after breaking down permanently, they leak these fluids into the ground. These are toxic substances that end up in waterways and so forth, harming local wildlife and plantlife.
There are more reasons for this being great for the planet. Recycling in order to re-use steel and other metals uses up less resources than getting those materials from the ground in the form of virgin ores. When recycling a car you are making sure that less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Mining also creates a lot of pollution as well.

Don’t leave your Scrap Car on the Lawn
It is so easy to sell a scrap car. It usually only takes about a day, and if you choose the right company to sell to, they will even provide free removal. This is the best way to sell a car of any kind fast.

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Hassan N is an automotive entrepreneur and have years of experience working with salvage yard industry.