What do you think you will get arrested right? Well, to answer this, let us start with a scenario. Think you have bought yourself ten packets of pills from a darknet vendor. But, instead of receiving your order in the mail and the postman showing up in your doorstep, you are visited by the cops. This would probably be your nightmare if you are one of those Australians ordering drugs from the best dark web websites.

As a matter of fact, ordering drugs from the dark web links is a lot safer than getting hands on it in person - both for the criminal records and for your health. Most of the dark web markets possess user feedback rankings similar to Amazon that encourages the vendors, the reputable ones to usually ensure their goods of better quality than some dudes selling drugs in the pubs. Also, the anonymity that is offered through the TOR network along with the PGP encryption refers that your online movements are a wholesome harder to crack than the barely coded back and forth text messages.

Sometimes the bag of drugs that you bought spending your cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin does not get delivered to your door but are stopped at the Customs. It has been seen that sometimes the people would get called in for a chat with the police and in some of the cases, however, the cops were not that interested in pursuing the matters that strictly. In a few of the Australian cases, where people have successfully been prosecuted for ordering drugs from the darknet markets have mostly been busted owing to their activities in the real world and not the online ones.

In a handful of the other cases where people were caught, they would just ignore the court letters and continue ordering drugs and related kinds of stuff to their home address, pretending as if nothing has ever happened. Additionally, if you are ordering drugs from overseas, your mail would probably be not closely monitored as you might have been thinking. People have a tendency to think or assume that the drugs being sent through the post will be sitting right on a conveyor belt with the sniffer dogs trying to find out something. That is not what usually happens. The customs utilize their resources in a much more targeted fashion. Instead of an army or a sniffer dog, the overseas Customs operations use the risk matrixes that raise the red flags regarding specific packages. If you are intrigued to find more on this, you can visit the dark web directories that are flooded with the instances from the same cases.

When do things come into the eyes? If the drug packages come from Columbia or if it has got leaking fluids or smells like pot or even if it bears a handwritten address as most of the international postal traffic is commercial. The screening of the postal consignment for contraband solely happens at the border and is the responsibility of the Department of Immigration and the Border Protection along with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

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Bruno Marcoux is a dark web enthusiast specializing in topics like cryptocurrency, blockchain, privacy, law enforcement and more. He has been in the field for a good long time and thus has a stronghold of the occurrences of the Dark Web Links.