“Even From a Purely Scientific Point of View”

The other day a man contacted me and he is going through some hard times with brain challenges caused by pharmaceutical drugs that were toxic. Thus he yells at God in anger about what took place.

What Does Yelling at God Create?

The highest vibration in the cosmos lives in all things including ourselves. And when we yell in anger to God, the Universe, and the Great Spirit we are really also yelling at that part of God that lives within our heart. Thus this means our anger is directed to the one we see in the mirror. And science has shown that any anger causes a cascade of hormones that start to degrade our body.

Is This What We Want to Do?

Does anger of any kind create good? From a purely scientific point of view NO.

All anger, hatred, and all other negative emotions only hurt ourselves. It does not make anything better period.

So saying things to God like “I hate you God for putting me through this” or “I am so angry at you God for having to deal with this” only makes things worse… even from a purely scientific way of looking at the whole process.

Great Spirit Did Not Create the Challenge

We may be upset with God but if we dig a little deeper we will find that God did not make this challenge happen… man did. Man created the drugs that caused the damage, man prescribed the drugs that caused the damage. And there are many people who only work from a place of making money and not caring about what will happen to others in the long run… so many terrible things take place. And we all have free will and that means God didn’t have much to do with this challenge at all.

So What is the Answer?

There is only one answer to all of this—- FORGIVE—FORGET—MOVE ON. Fill your life with love, see the good in all things, and eventually, everything will heal and so will this man’s brain… even though it will take months… time heals everything.

So fill your life with love, care about others, give, and then give some more, and try to fill your life with blessings and uplifting thoughts no matter what comes your way.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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