Most of the time, to the human senses, nothing apparently changes during prayer. Yet, that simply is not true. A lot is happening in the unseen and unheard realm.

Although this brief discussion focuses on Christian prayer, it can be modified to apply to any belief system.

There is an old song, "Turn Your Radio On," and that is exactly what happens when a person talks to God (which is one aspect of praying).

Prayer turns on and tunes in.

The moment a person turns a radio on (prays), the radio taps into the frequency to which it is tuned, and the broadcast station is heard over the air waves by the person who has just tuned in (the pray-er). The human eye sees nothing, but because the radio is tuned in to a station that is sending out signals, the human ear hears the voices or sounds.

Realize that the most powerful forces in the universe are invisible to the human eye: electricity, sound, wind, gravity, taste, smell, reason, logic, emotions, feelings, will, laughter, etc.

And still another list can be compiled for things that are normally inaudible to the average human ear: those plug-in devices that emit a high-pitched noise that scares away bugs and bats, and other such devices, such as LEDs (such as when an electric razor is charging), surge protectors, and AC adapters that plug into the wall, to name a few.

Prayer in the Receiving Mode

And then there is the human conscience. defines the conscience primarily as "The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong." It can neither be seen with the eyes nor be heard with the ears. It must be discerned with the heart—the innermost core of a person. It is with the heart that the other side of prayer happens—in the receiving mode—and that is listening to God.

As with everything else in the universe, in prayer there is a positive (talking) and a negative (listening). But, as stated above, listening with the heart, rather than with the ears, is what has to happen for effective two-way communication with God.

Prayer Akin to Quantum Mechanics

Physicists have proven beyond any doubt that our physical world (the one we experience with our senses) is like a large ocean of energy that repeatedly blinks into and out of existence as quickly as the blink of an eye. The conclusion is that the things that appear to be solid are just not so. And that is what is called Quantum Physics.

Furthermore, these physicists have proven that thoughts are what construct and hold together the seemingly solid objects all around us! As Niels Bohr said, "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it."

It becomes quite evident, therefore, that praying works in the realm of the quantum. But "setting the stage" with sound waves of the right music and pleasant, relaxing lighting allows things to flow. However, trying to force something to happen will almost guarantee that it will not.

No, the byword is to "let go and let God." It is a form of release to "cast your cares upon Him," because the person who is praying does not bring things into fruition. That's God's job, as long as the pray-er is believing and not allowing doubt to creep in.

Prayer Energizes and Organizes the Spoken Word.

So, as an integral part of prayer, whether it is for healing or for salvation, one must always call things that are not (or appear as if they are not) as if they were. Conversely, one should NEVER call things that are as if they are not. There is no place in the Bible that says to do that. And to do so is a denial of fact. But from the creation, God SPOKE things into existence. He did not THINK them into existence.

There is something about the spoken word that energizes things, because speech generates vibrations in the ether akin to radio frequencies.

But praying in Jesus' Name, I believe, sends the spoken word directly to God, Who organizes those vibrations into visual manifestation.

And, in addition to that, if the words are spoken with passion—fervently, as the Bible states, results will manifest much more quickly!

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