Because of the economic conditions in the United States, in an attempt to stabilize the real estate market and economy, the Federal Reserve has undertaken to reduce interest rates. If you're trying to refinance your Chattanooga home in order to take advantage of the circumstance, here's what homeowners need to understand regarding refinancing Chattanooga homes when interest rates are strong.


You want to decide what objectives you would like to achieve by refinancing your home before you really start looking at anything else.

One option is that you want to decrease the length of your loan to get it paid off in a shorter period of time. Another good aim to achieve by refinancing is to lower the interest rate on your home loan to lower the overall payoff over your mortgage's entire lifespan. Finally, if you're going to remain in your current home for quite a while, you might feel that your life conditions will benefit from switching from an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, to a fixed rate.


Holding tabs on your credit history by ordering your free annual credit report and going through all of the information it offers is always a smart idea.

When you decide to take advantage of refinancing when interest rates are low, you might be shocked to find a debt that you had forgotten about, or you may even discover an mistake or two that would become obstacles down the road. When you apply to your preferred mortgage lender, putting in the time and effort to review everything in your credit report, double-checking for any problems, and understanding your credit score puts you in the best possible spot.

You may not have to be free of any and all debt to be a suitable and attractive candidate, much as when initially applying for a mortgage.


Calculating your existing home equity is a final piece of knowledge that might end up doing you some good when interest rates are poor.

This basic calculation can be achieved by taking the original amount of your home loan and subtracting from that loan how much remains. The equity you have built in that home is the resulting difference. When negotiating refinancing with your mortgage lender, the reason why this may become useful is as leverage to lock in the best possible interest rate that you can.

If you still have to pay off the first 20% of your Chattanooga home and pay for private mortgage insurance, in your current situation, a lender is likely to consider you as a liability.


It's time to find the correct mortgage lender for your refinancing once you know what you're looking to get out of your refinancing and have your credit report under control.

Although there are always big national banks to turn to, taking a look at your local banks and credit unions may be more useful for you. In addition to any application processing fees, most local branches have websites containing their home loan interest rates and a calculator to help you find out what your new monthly payment will be.

As they are unlikely to include insurance or taxes in the current net monthly payment, be careful when browsing at the calculators.


Take the best interest rates you can find when you study the numerous lenders, and go into great detail to find the best deal for you.

Include not just the principal and interest payments, but the premiums, taxes, and PMI, as we suggested in our final stage. Find out how much lower the new monthly payment will be, and then calculate how long it would take for those savings to build up to the point where you break even with the transaction fees for refinancing.

Professional Guidance for When Interest Rates Are Low

To undertake the paperwork journey to refinance your Chattanooga house, some good groundwork needs to be laid to get the best out of it. If you want to take advantage of refinancing now that interest rates are poor, please contact us by phone today!

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