I’d like to share with you what I learned about money from Louise Hay in a workshop I took with her about 15 years ago. If you don’t know who she is, Louise Hay is pretty much a founding mother, in regards to the world of healing and energy work. She’s best known for her book; You Can Heal Your Life.

So in my workshop with her, she took us through the exercise I’m going to share with you now. (I highly recommend that you take advantage of the audio option I provide for you in this ezine and listen to this week’s issue.) So you begin by closing your eyes. If you can’t close your eyes, then intentionally turn your energy inward and pull down the shade on your inner eye.

Take a deep breath in and let it out.

Then in the center of your mind’s eye, I invite you to see yourself standing on the edge of the ocean. There you are on a beautiful beach, it’s a beautiful day.

The beautiful ocean stretches out in front of you as far as your inner eye can see. There’s a beautiful, natural rhythm to the ocean. It flows in and it flows out. It flows in and it flows out. The waves of the ocean lap very calmly and gently at your feet. As you stand on the shore of the ocean, it suddenly dawns on you that the ocean is the ultimate symbol, the ultimate evidence of infinite supply. There is no end to the ocean. There is no plug that can be pulled. The ocean just stretches on and on and on, the waves come in, and the waves go out. It doesn’t mean that when the waves come in, there’s less to go out. The rhythm is constant. The rhythm is consistent. The movement is forever.

So as you stand on the shore of infinite supply, I invite you in the center of your mind’s eye to look down into your hands and see what container you have brought to the shore of the infinite supply. What container do you have with you to receive this infinite supply? Again, it continuously flows in. It continuously flows out. It is forever. It is constantly consistent. So just take note what do you have with you? What do you have with you to support you in receiving the flow of infinite supply? As you take note of what you have with you, what you’ve brought with you to the shore of infinite supply... there’s no right. There’s no wrong. There’s no judgment. There just is.

It’s very important to recognize what you do have with you so that you can be clear about where you are in order to be clear about where you want to go.

So just make a note to yourself here on the shore of infinite supply in the center of your mind. Do you feel complete with your container? Would you choose for it to be something else? If you choose for it to be something else, then I invite you as you stand here on the shore of infinite supply in the center of your mind’s eye, to choose a different container now. Then again, take note, what container have you brought to the shore of infinite supply? You want to be sure that what you have brought with you is here to support you in receiving all that there is to receive from the source of infinite supply. Again, there’s no right. There’s no wrong. There’s no judgment. There’s just what is.

So really take note and does this feel complete? And again would you choose to have a different container to bring to the shore of infinite supply? If you do, make that choice in your mind’s eye and have that new container with you now, have it brought to the shore of infinite supply. For now, I invite you to take a deep breath in, really take note just standing there on the shore of the consistent ebbing flow of infinite supply what container do you have with you that will allow you to receive all that there is to receive from the amazing source of infinite supply. And with that final glimpse, allow your eyes to flutter open. Know that this is a source that you can return to at any point, at any time in your mind’s eye, you can return to. I highly recommend that you do. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

I’ll share with you that when I first did this exercise and I looked down into my hands, what I saw was a straw. You know like that clear straw you would get in elementary school at lunch time? And it still brings up some sadness to think about that. That’s what I brought with me. Not only did it have such a small hole, such a small bit to receive from, but there’s not even a bottom to it! So the water/money is able to just flow out the other side!!

Over the years I’ve returned to that shore many times, many times until that container shifted and changed.

I invite you to do the same because just as the ocean literally is infinite and consistently ebbs and flows to the shore, so does the universe. There is no limitation. We only create limitation; you only create it.

So what do you choose to bring to the shore of infinite supply?

Your EnergyRich Call to Action:

Now, another piece to this exercise that you can use to support you, is getting very clear about what money means to you. To get very clear about how money is currently serving you.

1. Check in: Do you appreciate money? Are you welcoming it in? Do you see this as a vast forever flow?

2. Chat it out: A great way to get very, very clear about how you currently see money is to literally sit down and have a conversation with it. So I literally invite you to take whatever forms of currency that you have in your wallet or purse right now, a bill or coin, whatever it might be. Sit down at the kitchen table. Sit down on the couch and literally put that money right there across from you or right next to you and I want you to study it.

3. Check it out: I want you to look money. I want you to fully take it in: look at the colors, the texture. Look at what you see. As if this is a person sitting next to you or in front of you. So who is this person? What’s their personality? How do you guys connect together? Most importantly, when’s the last time that you expressed appreciation for this person? Why do you think that even in the financial circles, that money increase is referred to as appreciation? So are you grateful for the pack of gum that money allows you to have? Are you grateful? Do you appreciate that money gives you a roof over your head and a floor beneath your feet? Are you really giving attention to all the things that are brought to you?

4. Check you out: Are you like a nagging partner that’s constantly after this person about how they’re not doing enough for you? They’re constantly not giving enough to you. They’re constantly not available enough to you. Really take the moment to have the conversation, to be energetically responsible and put you in money’s shoes… How would you feel if somebody was constantly telling you that you’re not enough? What would that do for you? Would you feel like giving more? Would you feel like being around more? Really think about that.

5. Change the conversation: Imagine what it would be like to instead be free, confident, calm, connected, trusting, therefore able to focus when connecting with potential clients and clearly able to share your highest rate without a bat of an eyelash.

6. Commit: The last bit of a conversation with a potential client is, “Let’s create this commitment”; because that’s really all money is, a symbol for one of the highest energies available, the energy of commitment. So what are you committing to?

7. Connect: many of us were taught growing up that money was a dirty word. So that is why money is one of the most important places to activate a business miracle. Change your mind; change your money. It’s one of the key reasons I created the free habit changing “21-Day Discovery Series: A Course In Business Miracles™”. Click here to connect in and join us.

I so look forward to seeing you on the 21-Day Discovery Series.

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