Well, the End of the World came and went (Saturday, May 21 at 6pm local time, everywhere) with a fizzle. No floating bodies or open graves or big earthquakes. What a dud.

Seriously. After all that fanfare I was sort of hoping for something… maybe a celestial voice or a partial eclipse or a talking cat.

And that got me thinking: if I was disappointed, what about all those poor people who spent all their money, racked up credit card debts, and quit their jobs in the expectation that they wouldn’t be on earth after Saturday?

That’s gotta be really hard. It’s bad enough when your date doesn’t show, but to be stood up by Jesus? Ouch!

So I’m thinking, what lessons can we-who-didn’t-Rapture over the weekend take away? (Those of you who did, in fact, float up into the arms of Christ on Saturday have my apologies for not writing something appropriate to your new circumstances. Send me your post-rapture heavenly email and I’ll send you a separate mailing later in the week. Give my regards to the big J.)

I think we ALL know what it’s like to burned: to love or trust someone who lets us down, or to invest money in something that doesn’t live up to its promise. It’s part of life’s learning curve.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy the adventures and come out a little less bruised:

1) Be your own messiah. The world is full of charismatic figures with talents and wisdom, and nobody has a more direct access to your Source than you.

People have always called me an “old soul” because of my wisdom and intuition, even as a child. My response is, “Huh? ALL ’souls’ are equally old–eternal, in fact.” Just learn to listen to your own inner wisdom. It gets better with practice.

2) Don’t risk more than you’re willing to lose. Take a leap of faith and be optimistic… and cover your tush for failure.

No glove, no love, Baby. And no plastic that I can’t pay for.

3) Don’t pin your dreams on any belief system that makes the torture and suffering of others okay… unless it’s an ex, and the break up was recent.

I’d love to hear from YOU! What did you learn from the Apocalypse? Please post your comments, quips, and observations below.

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