What if I handed you a pot full of gems? Choose 1

Brain Game

Put on your thinking cap! It is time to exercise yourgrey matteragain. By the way, that does actually mean I am talking about your brain. I don’t want you to think that I am patronizing you. I just like to let you know what I am talking about before I lose your attention. Another for instance is telling you about “yellow cake”. And since this reference to yellow cake would beuranium ore, then it would NOT be something you would want to eat. (This type of conversation is what you may hear fromSheldonon theTV Show,Big Bang Theory.)

Now that I have confused you as to where this is leading, let’s get on with ourbrain game.

The Brain Game:

I hand you a pot ofgems. The gems are of all sizes, shapes and colors. I even tell you that one of the gems is a 3 caratdiamond. But the objective is for you to pick which gem is worth the most. If you do not pick the one that is worth the most, then you lose and you must place thegemyou have selected back into the pot.

You have been given 8 hours to study books on all the different ways to grade and value gems. Anyinstruction manualson the equipment is available as well.Gemmologistswill tell you it takes a lot of experience to know what you are looking at.

I have made this game a little more confusing, because you have over 1000 gems to select from. I have even put a few duds in there, such as a3 caratsizedcubic zirconium. Even if you go by the standard types of valuing, you cannot accommodate all the alternatives. You can start with color, clarity,carat weight, etc. Pink diamonds are in vogue at the moment, soon to be replaced by another color. So a small pink diamond can be worth a lot more than a 3 carat white diamond (I don’t want to go down the track of the different cuts for the same stone. I want to keep this somewhat sain.)

You will be provided all the tools required and a table to sort them on. You will have all of the gemmologist’s tools to determine their worth. There is one catch. You have only 1 hour to make your selection. Therefore, you will either know it or you won’t. I could give a person 8 hours to make a decision. If they did not know what they were doing, it would still only be a guess.

Brain Game Lessons:

Let’s evaluate what you have learned so far:

Critical decisionsresult in awin or losesituation. It is either one or the other. Many decisions in life are like this. You have one chance to get it right.

Information is based at three levels.

Information– How accurate is the information you are gathering? Is itobsolete, or is it the type people will pay top dollar for?

Knowledge– Now you have enough in-depth information to bemaking assumptionsand somedecisions. You may still have holes in the information you have collected, but it is relatively whole. What you are missing is the experience of applying that information in the real world.

Wisdom– You have gained theexperience. You can make decisions confidently, like an expert.
Life throws you duds once in a while. These tend to belessons.

In your circumstances, do you find that you are acting on the fickle whim of others? What may be valuable and praised for today, is yesterday’s news tomorrow.

“Don’t live on your Laurels. If you do, you are likely on the precipice of a fall.”

Time limits cause stress – Unless you ALREADY have the tools to accomplish the jobs in place and reliable, when you are given time limits your stress and anxiety will be your undoing. I am giving you 2 time limits; 8 hours to study, then 1 hour to make your selection.
Most people claim the possible is Impossible, and throw up their hands in defeat.

“Most people QUIT at the first signs of failure, even before it overtakes them.”

This means most people will not even guess on the 1 in 1000 chance of winning; even when they know nothing of the objective. 1 in 1000 is much better odds thanwinning the lottery. Only the presentation is different. Most people thatplay the lotteryhave never looked at the rules.

Winning the Brain Game:

How do youincrease your chances of winningwhen you do not have a clue where to start?

Change the rules! (Actually, change what the rules imply.)

Once you understand the nature of the rules, you can compensate for many of the issues they bring on.

Time limitscreate a sense of urgency. This tactic is often used in sales. By keeping calm and taking control of your mind, you can easily dissipate the stress.

Perceived loss is deceiving: In this case, you are not losing something you already had in your possession. You are actually losing NOTHING. You only have a chance of GAIN.

The last thing you must account for is the lack of good information, knowledge, and the wisdom to work your way through the problem. Here is the place where most people throw up their arms and claim it isimpossible.

As I mentioned earlier, if you ALREADY know what you are doing during the 8 hours of study, and everything you need is available to you to study with, how would you go about your study to make such aquantum leapin knowledge in just a short period of time? Would you usereading?Speed reading? Even if you were really good at speed reading you will still not possess the ability totranscend knowledgeinto wisdom.

The authors that wrote the books you are studying are theexperts in their field. What if you were able to tap into their knowledge and wisdom they possess. What if that is possible? What if you could do it at the same time you are studying for 8 hours, without losing any time to this new objective of getting to know the author?
NOTE:I realize as you are reading this, you will be thinking only about the parts that are most interesting to you. You may even interpret things in the wrong way because reading is so ineffective that you will miss much of the pertinent information. You may want to reread this to gain better clarity of what I am presenting here.

Gaining Information using Quantum Physics

What doesquantum physicshave to do with it? Everything isenergyandfrequency. Even the words on the page have a meaning that is far removed from yourconscious mind. Thisrarefied energyis loaded full of information for you to draw upon. This includes picking up the meaningful things you need to know, feel, and experience from the authors point of view. Here is your source of wisdom.

When the Impossible Becomes Possible

Most people already knowing about reading, even speed reading, would claim that I have set you up with an impossible task. How could you possibly gain that much information, knowledge, and wisdom to perform well within thisbrain game? How could you possibly gain enoughexpert informationfor you to become close to expert yourself in only a few hours, what it takes others years to do? You can. It is possible.

The answer here specifically isMental Photography, orZOXing, enhanced by the support techniques ofBrain ManagementorZOX Pro Training. BUT WAIT, there is an important fact. Before you are placed in a stressful situation such as thisGem Brain Game, you must be proficient with getting your results from the training you have received for using Mental Photography or ZOXing. That comes with your time and commitment. Your preparation is key to your success. You can use the results of this training again and again throughout your life – for your gains!


The pot of gems is ametaphor. You haveopportunities, or gems, placed before you all the time. It is your choice which you select, which have value, and which are duds. These are your experiences in life. Instead of spending your precious time chasing dead ends, and things that really have no value, wouldn’t it be better if you had an almost instant wisdom to base your decisions on; to rely both on fact and intuition giving you the leverage you need in life.

Solving a Big Problem:

You go through life. You are given opportunities that you must make decisions upon. Many of those decisions are based on better information that you do not have. Therefore, they are just guesses. Take the guess work out of yourimportant decisions.

When should you be learning this process for your gains? There is no time like the present. It will prepare you for the future. The time forplaying brain gamesis over. If your future decisions sneak up on you before you have made your gains, then you have lost that opportunity, unless you are lucky enough to “guess” correctly.

Good luck with whatever strategy you choose to use in life.

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