It can be very distressing for partners of narcissistic individuals when they realise that their children are also exhibiting narcissistic tendencies.

Narcissistic spouses and partners are very good at controlling their environment and people within it.Therefore if you choose to stay with your narcissistic partner you will have a minimalised impact on your child who has started displaying narcissistic personality disorder traits.

The most beneficial thing you can do for you and your children when discovering your partner is narcissistically personality disordered is to leave the relationship and secure as much access as you can to your children. Even if you granted with a 50/50 custody arrangement you will still be able to have a significant and beneficial impact on your children’s life.

Children who display narcissistic behaviour will have a high sense of entitlement, display lack of empathy and have a hair line trigger to any perceived criticism, perceived or otherwise, and may be malicious and abusive in their reactions. This child may have also developed the ability to pathologically lie from a very young age.

It is crucial to create strong and healthy boundaries with a child who appears to have narcissistic tendencies. It’s highly suggested that you research effective parenting and get professional help in order to grant your child the greatest opportunity to heal out of the narcissistic programming.

It is important to implement healthy consequences of actions and to not buy into the narcissistic drama that the child will try to goad you into. This can be a challenging task andwill be very difficult to accomplish without the appropriate know-how. Education and research into troubled children is vital.

Often the tendency with narcissistic children is to succumb to the pain, fear and guilt of wanting to ‘over love’ as a result of the poor treatment that is delivered by the narcissistic parent. This mode of thinking will not foster healthy results and will only exacerbate the child’s narcissistic tendencies.

One parent creating over-entitlement and adoration, and the other being the narcissist, the model of poor and abusive behaviour, is a recipe for disaster.

The healthy parent must become a model of firm, fair boundaries with clear accountability for actions being delivered in a way that does not prescribe and lecture, but creates clear simple definitions of ‘right and wrong’ and ‘cause and effect’.

By doing so, the child who has developed narcissistic personality disorder tendencies will have the best possible chance or evolving into a healthy, emotionallyintelligent individual.

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