Beautiful Homes but empty heart”

To understand it more clear let’s see it step by step.

The fourth house - This is the house that is primarily related to the real estate, vehicles, your house, mother, father in law and the inner peace.
The tenth house - This is the house that is primarily related to your social image, contact with the Government, to some extent father and profession and work environment.
Rahu - This is the planet of desires and passion wherever it sits, it gives the intense desire to use the subjects and planets of the house to achieve a higher rank in society.
Ketu - This is the planet of detachment, the planet which is pure yet stubborn.
Now let’s come to the question.

Rahu in the 4th house - This placement will trigger the thoughts of the person to get the real estate by any means. The person will take every risk to get the house of his own and decorate it with expensive items. It will not care even if the debt has to be taken which is hard to repay. There are also chances that the person will find a loophole in the system and bribe someone and get the things done in his/her favor. i.e. illegal construction, loan.

Relations with mother - The person may have to live far away from mother or leave his land for any issue. If she is present then she may be the mother who doesn’t do her duties of mother. There are also possibilities that the health of the mother may not be good.

Ketu in the 10th house - This will make the native feel detached from the work and the person will not take the lead in the work front. He will work but with not full enthusiasm and energy. The native is mostly directionless when it comes to working. Though it doesn’t stop the person to have a job if the 10th lord is well placed.

Relations with father - The father may be a silent character in the native’s family and maybe the one who follows what his wife says.

Inner peace - It is hard for this person to feel peace at any point in life, this person will be the one who feels restless all the time and even if he achieves something, He will start feeling detached to it. He may have to work under someone or depend on someone to work.

He may feel proud of real estate, vehicles he has but not the peace.

This is a generalized answer and proper answer can be given only after analysis of the birth chart.

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