Magnetic Phone holders are simple and easy to use. Some examples are Universal Phone Clip and Belt Clip Phone Case. But people have been wondering if this useful gadget is degrading their Smartphone since they became so popular.

But on the contrary, to popular belief, using a magnetic phone mount is perfectly safe. In this article, we will discuss its impact on our Smartphone, and why you shouldn't be worried!

1. Display: Do you recall swiping magnets over your gadgets or pressing them with fingertips to create Kaleidoscopic colors? Magnetic interference caused the screens of outdated cell phones, TV, and desktop computers to be disrupted.

However, with today's IPS LCD, AMOLED, and OLED panels on our Smartphone, and our gadgets no longer rely on a magnetic field to function. It means that magnets no longer have the same effect on devices as they formerly did.

2. Memory: There's no need to worry about data loss! Around magnets, your contacts, images, emails, and personal information is safe. It is because phones now utilize storage clips for memory instead of hard drives. In terms of convenience, you can use Universal Phone Clip and Belt Clip Phone Case, as it makes carrying a Smartphone very easy task with zero hustles.

3. Battery: Lithium-ion batteries are used in Smartphone, and charging is done through a chemical reaction.

Although some users report reduced battery life after using magnetic phone mounts, this is usually due to the usage of navigation in the automobile while using the phone mount- we're all aware of how much energy GPS consumes!

As it is positioned on the edge of your phone, if it impacts the speakers or the compass, then you can take precautions to protect your phone by positioning your mount away from such areas.

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Many technological advancements for iPad, phone cases, and other branded products have been made with magnets. Also, it will be a crucial part of our future technology, so must research more in this area. For more information on mobile accessories, Belt Clip Phone Case, and universal phone clip, please contact us.