I was recently asked the question, “What inspires me?” by Jamie Eslinger from the awesome organization Women on Fire . She posed that question to me last week. While I gave her my answer, that question has been on my mind since. The answer I shared with her was right on with what I feel inspires me, however I felt the need to write about it a little more in depth and truly appreciate the top three things that inspire me.

It’s funny how something can really get you thinking, like the question “What inspires you?” It is not a common question that you think or talk about often. I hope that after you read this you will think about that question for yourself, and answer, ”what inspires you?”

While there are many things that inspire me these are my top 3:

1. I am inspired by my children every day. I think since the day I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I felt inspired to be a better person. My kids inspire me to learn and try to be the best I can be because every moment I am teaching them, just as they are teaching me. I am inspired by their courage and resilience as well as their wisdom in life at such young ages. My children have inspired me to try new things like skiing. I had decided in my early twenties, after a ski trip, that skiing was not for me and I was okay with that. In fact, that ski trip I enjoyed riding a snow mobile as the ski patrol helped me down the mountain. But it was the encouragement my kids gave me and the fact my two daughters both were skiing pretty well that I tried it again. They inspired me and encouraged me when I was overcome with fear and now it is one of my favorite family activities not to mention I now like the winter. As I watch them play, dance, laugh or sing I feel an overwhelming since of inspiration. . .inspiration to be the best mom I can be to them. While parenting isn’t always easy, I am always inspired by my kids in one way or another every day.

2. I am also inspired by reading or learning about other people and hearing their stories and experiences about their life, their struggles, their triumphs and successes. I believe that Oprah has been a huge help in sharing inspiring stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In fact, many of the shows on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) provide an opportunity to be inspired by other people’s life stories and experiences.

3. The third thing that inspires me is positive quotes. I love quotes and have since I was a teenager. I have folders with quotes in them; I have quotes on sticky notes around my house; I have magnet quotes on the refrigerator; I have quotes in frames and in art work in my home. I am surrounded by quotes throughout my house. I had not realized that until I answered Jamie’s question, “what inspires me?”. I guess I am so inspired by quotes that I surround myself with them. One of my favorite quotes is by Mother Teresa, “Peace beings with a smile!”

Think about what inspires you and make sure you include it in your life. It may be doing something that is inspiring or surrounding yourself with people and things that inspire you. Just be sure to include it in your life on a daily basis. It is a wonderful feeling.

What inspires you?

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Carrie Saba, Holistic Health Coach, helps others see their inner strength through a new light. She offers valuable insight & lifestyle tips in her free monthly ezine, Wellness Tips with Carrie, as well as on her blog. Carrie believes our spirit is fed on how we think, what we experience, and eat. She empowers her clients and believes everyone should know their brilliance and enjoy life! Learn more about Carrie by visiting her website.