ARIES: A flashy car. Registration to the gym.A weekend adventure.Branded items.A red flower.Loud and hotmusic. Red objects. A ruby ring.

TAURUS:Add a Gold branded watch. Chocolate, Perfumeof high quality with an attractive presentation. Love songs. An exquisite dinner.Underwear or silk shirts.Comfortable clothes and satin gowns. Expensive perfumed lotions and oils. Satin sheets.

GEMINI:Jewelry, especially rings. A bottle of gin (or two), CDS.Jazz.A cell phone.Portable CD player.A remote digital camera.Tickets for the last row of the cinema.Books, especially erotic books.Any sexualitem.A sex tape (strictly for study).

CANCER: Pearls. Love songs. White flowers with delicious fragrance. A framed photograph of the two. Yellow peaches bathed in brandy. Antiquities.A crystal ball.An aphrodisiac cookbook.

LEO: Gold, gold and more gold. A ticket to a warm climate. Cashmere garments. A hair dryer.A box at the opera.A large framed photograph of him/her.Exotic nightgowns or pajamas.The keys to a hotel suite.

VIRGO: Natural foods. Provisions for an entire year.Ginseng.Cotton sheets.A pillow of lavender.Soap.A picnic blanket.Erotic videos.A vibrator.

LIBRA: A set of expensive luggage. An ornate silver mirror.A surprise party.A credit account in the best malls.An issue of love poetry.A romantic meal for two at a restaurant.The best seats at the Salzburg Music Festival.Elegant jewelry with emeralds and sapphires.An exotic perfume. Bath oils of high quality.

SCORPIO: Mae West movies. A digital video camera.A weekend celebration of mysteries and murders.Exotic jewelry topaz or turquoise. Bright red flowers especially poppies. Two tickets to Morocco. Black leather garments. Sexy lingerie black or crimson (pontéela for him if Scorpio). Erotic paintings.

SAGITTARIUS: A long weekend to share. A ticket for a rock festival. Bet on a horse race. The Perfumed Garden.A plane ticket to anywhere. Travel books. Registration in a club. Good quality casual clothes. Laminated maps.Suitcases.

CAPRICORN: A box of port. A leather executive briefcase.Money.CDS.Music.Executive whims.A large goat-skin rug or a bear.A visit to the TajMahal.Classic fragrances with beautiful presentation. The Satyricon hand bound in leather. Jewelry.

AQUARIUS: Tickets for a disco until dawn. A large amethyst geode.Antioxidants for a whole year.Registration for an Internet chat room.A box of organically grown wine.A mobile phone with digital camera.Fashion of this year and next year.

PISCES: Wholesale candles. A platinum bracelet for the anklet.Handmade shoes.A crystal ball.A box of good champagne.Satin sheets.Red roses.Romantic poetry.A wedding ring.

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