It’s hard to believe that the Internet has been around for as long as it has. But the truth is that we’ve all been on the “Internet superhighway” since 1995. The changes that have come along with the Internet have been staggering. Most have been positive, but there have also been some disadvantages. While there’s no doubt that the Internet has made information gathering and marketing easier for businesses, it has also provided a new avenue for those employees looking for distraction from their jobs during work hours.

This problem has become so rampant in some organizations that management has decided to take the drastic step of not allowing their employees access to the Internet at all. Of course, this is not a realistic solution to the problem because there are too many legitimate reasons for employees to use the Internet. From tracking shipments of products to tracking competitors’ ecommerce efforts, the Internet really does serve an important purpose in today’s business environment.

Another alternative that has been tried by many businesses is Internet monitoring software. There are many products on the market today that are designed to track employee Internet usage. And while some of these products might be useful to management, they are not a viable answer to resolving the problem of employees wasting time on the Internet.

This is especially true since the advent of the smart phone. Some recent studies suggest that as many as 90 percent of workers in the U.S. now carry smart phones. What that means is that those smart phone owners can access the Internet any time they want. And there’s no way that management can—or should be able to—track that Internet use on personal devices. After all, we should all have the right to use our smart phones or PCs however we choose. Still, it is important for business managers to have some way to Track Employee Internet Usage and ensure that their employees are being productive during business hours.

What would truly benefit business managers and owners is a software package that measures a worker’s performance and Internet use. This type of software would track and categorize Internet usage. Once the manager tracks usage, then he or she can begin to formulate a plan for how to motivate employees to be more productive.

This is becoming more and more of an issue as an increasing number of people are beginning to telecommute from home. As this becomes more common, it will be absolutely necessary for employers to be able to keep track of how productive their employees are during the work day—even if they’re many miles away from the office.

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