The life of a serialized product starts by assigning a unique serial number. To manage hundreds of thousands of serialized units a smart inventory software is required. Scalable solutions like ERP Gold serialized inventory solution can be the answer to the data management challenge. The ability to track serialized items and lot sub-components to a customer is essential for warranty and service management.
ERP Gold serialized Inventory Management software provides the ability to generate serial numbers and manufacturer lots at any level during manufacturing. Finished products can also be assigned a serial number when shipped to the customer. These serial numbers are used to save to history, providing their traceability against the original customer order.
Serialized Purchase and Serialized Return :
For many companies, the ability to track components from raw material to the final product shipped to customers is a key requirement of the business. ERP Gold provides this functionality for either stocked parts. The serialized traceability enables to monitor of the lot received from the vendor or from manufacturing. An optional feature along with serialized purchase is serialized return to return the lot to the vendor by managing through the serial numbers. ERP Gold can help to trace the history of the lot record in the system for historical quality references even after shipment
ERP Gold serialized inventory solution empowers you to:
• Assign serial numbers at the time of purchasing
• Issue your serial manually or have ERP Gold automatically issue them based on your preferences and customization
• Produce a comprehensive lot of activity history
• Quickly create Production Lot Reports
• Receipt of multiple items for the same item, or multiple items in one transaction
• Serial number tracking, including user-defined serial numbers or original serials.
• Traceability of items on every level, from the vendor through to customer.

ERP Gold serialized inventory solution manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from purchase to sale. The information against the serial number is recorded into the system which allows inventory control personnel to have complete access to product history and details such as date of Purchase, vendor details, and validation information.
The information retained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a faulty or defective item to vendors or when verifying a returned item from customers.
Rich and simple to use ERP Gold serialized inventory solution is a great weapon in your arsenal of accuracy and practicality.
Serial Number Tracking with ERP Gold serialized inventory:

• Assign serial numbers to items during (or immediately following) the receipt of goods
• Automatically generate serial numbers with ease
• View serial numbers related to items received or sold or transferred
• Easily assign to, or sell used, serial numbers during (or following) the invoice
• Integrate a bar code reader easily for items with serial number bar codes
• Select Easily serial numbers during an inventory transfer
• Purchase or sell serialized items sequentially or randomly
• Report on serial number activity by date, location, or serial number range
• Trace any serial number in the system instantly
• Track-specific costs by serial numbers that have been sold

Bottom Line
ERP Gold serialized inventory software employs new features and enhanced modules for best inventory management for the serialized items. Industries such as pharmaceutical, auto parts, and IoT devices are implementing ERP Gold's serialized inventory solution to accelerate inventory and supply chain data management.
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