A career coach or job coach is a person who helps you to choose you right career. He can help you to identify the right role for you and can further help you to convert yourself into your new role and field. A career coach helps to describe the world career opportunities and elaborating your skills and developments. The most complex stage is combining career research and psychological theory with current knowledge about the occupation and job market and organizational process.

In these pandemic days, many people are jobless or job seekers, while those who have jobs aren’t satisfied enough with their job, some of them also want to change their career. According to the latest unemployment survey, more than 11.8 million people are jobless in the United States. Moreover, millions more are looking to switch or quit their jobs.

Most of the coaches in career management are equally and highly trained in both Career Change Coaching and job search coach Malaysia. This means if you get the services of a coach, he will definitely help you in the other opportunities. For example, if you seek the help of a coach in career-changing, he will not only help you to choose the best career according to your skills, interest, and scope. Furthermore, he will also help you to search for jobs according to the relevant field.

Selecting a career coach

Career coaching or career change coaching isn’t an easy field. Some of the highly professional coaches pick this area of the field to serve the people. The majority of the coaches are self-taught and are highly experienced. They get experience through working on a smaller level. In today’s world scope of jobs change very fast due to change in technologies. Most of the jobs and skills become obsolete and outdated. It means you will be less paid for your skills. At this moment, Career Change Coaching Malaysia helps these people to change their field according to their interests.  These coaches might give the individual a form, through which they will get to know that what are the skills and previous experience of the applicant. What type of job he is interested in. How much time he can spend learning new skills. This information will help the career coaches to find the best field and occupation for applicants.

Common misconceptions about career coaching

As you know, you will visit your general physician once or twice a year. You send wishing cards to your family members each birthday. So, why the most people think that they will only need to visit a career coach once in their life. Some other misconceptions are:

The most qualified candidate gets the job

This is the wrong perception built by some people. Most of the time, the applicant with less qualification gets the job because interviewers know that he had presented and prepared themselves in a more compelling way.

If I have a secure job, I don’t have to work on my career

That’s another misconception build by people. If you are employed today, who knows what happens tomorrow. To avoid a career disaster, you should incorporate it into your professional life.

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