People suffer from different oral problems,the reason behind this can be improper care of oral health. As a result, there can be a presence of cavities that can casue some trouble with oral health. A cavity can be identified as one of the consequences of bad oral health and can be painful. It takes place when the hard surface of our teeth gets damaged and the damage forms into a hole. A cavity can also be termed as tooth decay that often takes place due to bacteria. Bacteria emerge from improper care of the teeth and eating unhealthy food. Some of the symptoms of the cavity include discoloration of the tooth’s surface, visible openings in the teeth, moderate pain at the time of eating or drinking, tooth pain generally for no apparent reason and sensitive teeth.

When someone experiences such kinds of symptoms, they must not wait or hesitate to meet their dentist with an immediate effect. The dentist will most likely have to fill the cavity to eliminate problems of the teeth. Cavity filling can be described as the process where the oral health practitioner fills the hole in the teeth with the help of some tooth-like material. The process proves to be fairly simple and straightforward and the patient is expected to be at his dentist’s office for around an hour. There can be a requirement of taking X-rays of the inside of the mouth. Before the process of filling cavities begins, the dentist will first numb the teeth and some surrounding parts of the gums. After that, he will remove the decay and clean the affected part. In the end, the cavity or the hole will be filled with the chosen material. With the help of cavity filling, the holes through which bacteria enter and cause further decay gets closed. This activity will stop the damage to the patient’s teeth on that part, as long as he or she continues to take good care of the teeth.

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Dr. Andre Eliasian is an award-winning Dental Professional, an active community volunteer, and owner of Elite Dental Group Corporation. Dr. Eliasian has a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and has a reputation helping his patients achieve “the perfect smile” by restoring missing and damaged teeth using the latest in Dental Implant technology – the best choice for a natural smile.

His professional career started with an Undergraduate Degree in Biology at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in 2007 and he earned his advanced degree – Doctorate in Dental Surgery – from the prestigious New York University (NYU) in 2013.