Before going into what a digital marketing strategy is, let us look into
the term ‘strategy’ itself. Strategy according to Google is ‘a plan or an
action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim’. Every tactic
needs a strategy; the military uses strategies such as fortification,
withdrawal or defence in depth strategy. Footballers use it in their
field to outwit their opponent to go ahead and score a goal. No plan
exists without a strategy.
Since digital marketing is an overpowering and conquering field, it
becomes highly important to invest the correct strategy for every
business .The question here is, is one aware of the ‘which’ strategy
to implement to have a successful digital marketing? If a person
planning to sell farm apples implements the strategy of the other
multinational technology company, Apple, you can expect the result
to be unsurprisingly preposterous. In the digital marketing platform,
planning to adopt a business without strategy would be like placing a
bet in a game of gambling. The harsh truth in this situation is that,
the odds are against you and you have/have not the chances to
success. To go on conferring about how important a strategy is for a
digital marketing business would be unending, hence we will discuss
just the few, unavoidable absolute reasons that will make one a good
digital marketing strategy.
The first and foremost is to set a goal: This particular idea is one that
every successful person in the world harvests in. So, unless you are a
filty rich vagabond with no goal in life then it is best you set aside a
goal. A high school teacher bests explains the importance of setting a
goal, he said that if your focus is on the football net alone, you are
sure to kick the ball somewhere near it. And in case, the first kick

does not end up in the net, you can expect the next few kicks to end
inside it.
Knowing your audience: Figuring out what the audience wants is
extremely crucial, specially in a digital marketing business. And to
figure out what the audience wants is to be where they dwell in the
most. With a lot of tools and channels coming up to engage the
audience, it is best to choose which works the best for you. In India
alone itself, an estimate of 389 million internet users are from
mobile phones. What can be induced form this estimation, since a
majority of the internet users are through mobile phones, what
strategy can be implemented to get to know them further? One
option could be to adopt the responsive web design, which lets web
pages render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. Users are
more likely to check out your site if it appears as appealing as you
made it to be.
Ability to draw traffic: Your digital marketing cannot grow without
conversions, and how to draw conversions is to have the correct
technique in drawing traffics. Good traffic means one must have
implemented a good optimization which would draw users to the
particular website increasing the chance of increased conversions.
There are a lot of ways to draw traffic;
i) Quality content: having good content such as blog posts, press
releases, a brief precise summary of the website will all give a clear
insight into the website and clarity is the one source that will
increase traffics. Inserting links to various places of your website
within the content will also promote your brand name and help
increase exposure.
ii) Keyword strategy: Relating keywords will help your content and
website on the search engines which will help increase traffic.

iii) Social media: Posting pictures, videos and other relevant media
will help your posts get more engagement which evidently means
more traffic.
There are a numerous strategies to implement to have a successful
digital marketing; it just takes the correct cognizant and soulful
imagination to figure out what the market is in demand of and how
to fulfil those demands.
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Before going into what a digital marketing strategy is, let us look into
the term ‘strategy’ itself. Strategy according to Google is ‘a plan or an
action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim’