In this Ascension process we are moving into different dimensions. We utilize Crystal Pyramids in the 5th Dimension and higher and we are becoming aware of our own multi-dimensionality, having incarnations and instances in many different vibrations. What do we mean when we refer to other dimensions, are they higher, are we to look up to the sky, or are they in other places, requiring a space ship or our nothing more than our intention to go there? We refer to dimensions as if they we everyday occurrences, like another town or city to which we can travel at will. In fact, we can journey to other dimensions and we do, all the time since our multi-dimensional selves exist in them and we are connected to those aspects of us.

Let us first determine what exactly a Dimension is. Although we might be able to conceive of some other dimensions, it is certainly beyond our ability as rational creatures to envision or comprehend many dimensions that are outside of the Third Dimensional reality in which we currently reside. It is important to remember that, we are here in this dimension to experience duality, so it is to our advantage to master all aspects of what we have been given. There may be another time when we incarnate into a different dimension and will learn to be a Master in it as well, but even within the Third Dimension there exist many sub-dimensions which we are able to consciously experience.

A dimension then is a vibration and when we resonate with a vibration, we claim it as our reality. We are not speaking here of linear measurements of vibrations, such as presented by David Hawkins in Power vs. Force, instead, the vibration is comprised of the sum total of every aspect of each of us. This may include all the facets of our multi-dimensional selves, yes; we might be affected by aspects of ourselves of which we are not even aware, but our responsibility is to our Third Dimensional incarnation.

We must make sure our thoughts and actions are of the highest vibration, of this we are aware, but we must go farther in the process by releasing sub-conscious lower vibrating energies and thought forms we brought into this life time. There are many energy techniques for doing this, such as using your intention to release that which does not serve you and invoking the Violet Flame and the Angel of Forgiveness to purify you.

Once you release lower energies, you experience a Shift; you are not the same being as you were previously. You have entered another sub-dimension. Your thoughts are brighter, you are holding more light and your vibration is different. As you move from one place in consciousness to another, a new, subtly unique dimension has been created, that is why you feel different. You could not have entered that place had your vibration not resonated with it.

A dimension is a Point of View. We use the terms higher and lower, but in truth we are only occupying a different point or coordinate in the Universe. It cannot be defined by any adjective that implies duality, since it is only a point. That is what we have been allotted, one tiny multi-dimensional dot in the entire scheme of creation, but from that point we can expand outward, or inward, infinitely, while remaining securely anchored. Oh the cleverness of it all.

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I am an Angelic being in human form. I am from the lineage of Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst, Saint Germain and Merlin, who came to Earth to experience the material realm for the Greater Being of light and to enjoy all the beauty, bounty and wonder that the physical plane has to offer. I will stay until my mission is accomplished; sharing the love, wisdom and truth that I have been gifted with and then I will rejoin my Angelic Soul Family in the Higher Realms to soar above the stars and Omniverse. I will seek to ascend in consciousness and to attain balance and harmony in this embodiment by living life to the fullest and fulfilling my earthy mission and then I will step through the door of transmutation into the higher realms of Light which is my true home.

I grew up in New Jersey and graduated with honors from the University of Oklahoma. After two years of graduate school I decided that I wanted to be a Rock Star. I moved to San Francisco, bought a guitar and made a fairly good living as a street musician.

As you well know, I did not become a Rock Star, but what I did learn, in the process of buying vinyl records to obtain lyrics for new material, was that Rock n Roll records were becoming more rare, valuable and extremely collectible. This led me to my next career as a Record Dealer. I began to travel around the United States going to juke box vending companies, radio stations and thrift stores searching for rare records and selling them at collectible record conventions. Alas, there are only a finite amount of old records from the 50’s and after about 5 years I was ready for my next great adventure.

First it was time for a vacation. I headed down to Mexico to San Cristobal de las Casas, a beautiful colonial Spanish town in the state of Chiapas, where I met some other travelers who were on their way to Belize. They invited me to travel the short journey with them to the beautiful island of Caye Caulker, 21 miles off the coast. The Caye was truly a paradise and became my home for the next 15 years. I opened a small breakfast restaurant that served only coffee, tea and fruit crepes with yogurt and granola, all homemade by me.

After 5 years I needed a vacation and returned to Texas to stay with a friend and sell some more of the collectible records I had stored away there. Then it was back to the island. This time I opened a business designing hand-painted T-shirt. They sold like hot cakes. I began to learn about indigenous cultures, jungle herbs, healing methods and tropical magic. I also began to write about all I saw around me.

It was then that I was presented with my first laptop computer. I know how Harry Potter felt when he got his first magic wand. I was then able to type my stories instead of writing them by hand. Five more years went by, seems like a pattern, and I was offered a job in Canada in a film production office. I longed for the seasons and my own culture. A year and a half went by and in 2000, when I found it difficult to get another work permit, I returned to New Jersey and got a job as a Software Analyst.

Technology was not the only path I followed upon my return home.

I am a Karuna Reiki® Master and a MerKiVa Reiki master.

I am the author of two books, “Do You Want to Be Happy Now?”, “Life is Good, All is Well – Everything is Vibration” as well as numerous articles on Conscious Human Evolution and Positive Thinking, which can be seen in The Sedona Journal of Emergence each month.

I am a Quest for Mastery Certified instructor of Archangel Michael’s teachings through Ronna Herman.

I currently live on the same street upon which I was born, but I can honestly say I took the scenic route.