Forex Cards is a prepaid card which is loaded with Foreign Currency and can be used like a debit card in abroad. It is also known as Travel Card and can be reloaded even while you are in abroad through online, it is easy to access and accepted in all the outlets.
An Indian can carry up to $3000 in currency and remaining in card the limit is $250000 per financial year, you can also withdraw the cash from ATM. Forex Cards are very convenient for students who study abroad they can reload it whenever there is a requirement the best part of Forex Card is that it is a multi-currency card, you can load more than one Foreign Currency at a time, to make it even more clear Online Money Changers like Orient Exchange offers Thomascook MasterCard where you can load up to 9 currencies and you can also encash the currency once you are back from the trip by just sending a mail with your card details to respective foreign exchange company. So if you are a person who travels often then this card is for you it can be reloaded with multiple currencies at a time while you are enjoying the trip and encash them once you are back. There are some charges levied when you withdraw from ATM, so it is always better to swipe the card and carry some cash in hand so that even if you are in a situation where you need to pay in cash you can handle it. Always choose the destination currency when you swipe the card so that you will not be charged for cross currency conversion. For example you are in Dubai and you have USD in your card and you have to pay 200AED to the outlet then you will be charged cross-currency charge has the currency will get automatically converted. So make sure you load the card with your destination currency to ignore cross-currency charges even if your card is lost no need to worry you can immediately block the card through online by sending a mail, Forex Cards are more convenient to use and will make your trip trouble-free.

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