Domain authority is the score given by MOZ to determine how good your site is (Ranging from 0 to 100) and if it is worth position in first places of search engines.
Since Google stopped updating the page ranking
, MOZ has developed parameters so that websites will guide their actions and rank well.

Therefore, the higher this authority
, the better your web positioning, and the greater your chances of appearing in the top positions of Google.
You can check it from the following tools available online:
• MOZ link explorer

Some elements will serve to determine if you have a good domain authority score, or rather they are collaborators to increase the MOZ ranking. These elements are:
• The content on the page is entertaining, useful, and presents clear information to readers. Page authority can help you recognize how much they influence a blog.
• The URL of the page has the right keywords and is well chosen and distributed by the text or content.
• The page speed is good and there are no broken links.
• The links on the page lead to more useful content with quality information for users.
• The page is simple and intuitive to navigate and also presents all the characteristics of a well-optimized site.

Although the Domain Authority's score is due to a dozen variables, evaluated for consideration by the MOZ team, it also takes into account the data that Google used to take, which a few years ago carried out a similar evaluation giving a classification called PageRank.
Currently, Google PageRank cannot be consulted, but it still works for Google's internal statistics.

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