For more than three decades now, CMOE has been the frontrunner when it comes to coaching skills training. CMOE has designed training programs on a variety of coaching topics. They developed these coaching workshops and seminars as a way of helping leaders study to work with the members of the team to gear up the organizations forward.

One of the best privileges of a leader is to have the opportunity to teach others in order for them to achieve great performance in their workplace. However, this also presents a great challenge leader has to face. Coaching situations are representing an opportunity to bring sources of strength to the overall organization by working hand in hand with motivated individuals who are motivated to make a positive change, move towards excellence and to create an impact to the bottom line of the organizations.

Leaders participate in the Grow Coaching Workshop of CMOE are introduced into the Grow coaching model that is perfect to use on coaching instances where the coaches are driven and reflective with their work. This approach is ideal to those individuals who are motivated, driven and eager and are looking for guidance as they take their way towards discovering their hidden talents and potentials, setting new goals and looking to sustain their professional development for the long term.

Through these workshops, leaders are able to develop their skills in coaching actively to engage and support classroom environment. Through the stimulating collaborative discussions, interactive exercises and practical tools, it would be easier and faster for the participants to gain the confidence they need to have these new skills applied in the workplace and to be able to create a lasting impact to the organization.

There are a lot of long term and positive effects that coaching can bring about to the organization especially when it comes to its bottom line. The Grow Coaching Workshop that CMOE has been conducting over the years is completed in a one-day format. This is facilitated by the experienced mentors of CMOE at a location that you prefer. Through this workshop, your leaders will surely obtain the skills they need to become effective in their roles.

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