What is a home warranty?


There are many homeowners who struggle with making the decision of whether or not to purchase a home warranty program. A home warranty plan has many benefits that can help save the homeowner money in the long run. In this short article, you will be able to better understand what a home warranty plan is and the many benefits that come with purchasing one.


Home Warranty Texas

A home warranty texas plan is a contract that the homeowner purchases to make sure it bad any electrical, plumbing or air-conditioning system will be covered in case it needs to be fixed or replaced. The homeowner will be able to add or deduct any coverage or items that here she thinks is necessary to be covered. There are also home warranty plan is that cover a pool or even a spa area. The type of contract that the homeowner decides to purchase, All depends on the type of home that he or she owns, and it also depends on how much she is willing to spend on a home warranty plan.


Warranty v. Insurance


Many homeowners tend to confuse the home warranty plan with home insurance. A home warranty plan is not home insurance because home warranty’s focus on protecting the homes appliances and home systems in case they were to break down or in case they were to need fixing or replacement. On the other hand, homeowners insurance pays for the damages and losses that are caused due to events such as fire or any other weather damage. For the most part, a home warranty plan tends to cover any air-conditioning system, heating system, appliances and anything along those lines. It is important to make sure that the appliances and that system inside the house are well taken care of before you purchase any home warranty plan. If any of your air conditioning, heating systems or any of your appliances are damaged already, the home warranty plan may not be able to cover them. This is why it is important to ensure that everything is working properly during the time that you apply for a home warranty contract.


Having a Plan


Having a home warranty plan will definitely help save you money in the long run. If any of your appliances or any of your heating or air conditioning system starts to break down, all you have to do is file a claim online or with a customer service team. With a home warranty contract, you will be insured that anything that needs to be fixed or replaced inside your home will be covered. On average, a home warranty plan cost about $300 all the way to $600 a year. This all depends on the type of coverage that you go away, and how big your home is.


Many homeowners have stated that it is worth having a home warranty plan because they are able to have peace of mind knowing that all of their appliances and their systems inside their home are covered in case they were to break down. This is a great way to save money as a new home owner because being a new homeowner requires a lot of expenses that can cost a lot of money.


If you are a new homeowner, or if you are in the process of owning your first home, it is highly recommended that you purchase a home warranty plan. After you have purchased a home warranty plan, you will be covered immediately after you purchase the home. You will be able to have peace of mind knowing that your new house has a home warranty plan and will definitely have you covered in case any of your appliances break down.

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